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Astral Projection Meditation

This astral projection meditation will guide you to the vibration that astral projection meditationmatches the astral plane, therefore, creating ease in separation.

There was a time (about a 6 month period of time) when I was achieving astral projection and having out-of-body experiences as often as once a week.

It was the experience of astral projection that led to the discovery of my clairvoyance. Astral projection has enormous benefits to your overall well-being and this meditation will provide that kind of peace and healing even if you never actually separate!

As things got more hectic in my life, I'd be too tired to keep my mind conscious enough for astral travel.

Having had the experience, however, I knew what the state was and how to get there.

Although I had never had any luck with astral projection meditations, I decided to create one that would guide me to the phase state.

And it did!

This is the meditation that helps me achieve astral projection almost at-will.

The first time I tried it, I fell asleep during the meditation and woke up out of my body. In other words, I became lucid while sleeping, at first thinking I was awake and in my kitchen.

If you aren’t able to achieve the separation at the time suggested in this meditation, allow yourself to fall asleep, and when you awaken, do so without moving your body at all.  With eyes closed, notice if you are in the phase.  You will know it when you’re there.  You may be able to see into the room with your eyes closed or you may be viewing dreamlike images behind your eyes and you won’t feel your body. 

Immediately upon noticing this phase, simply roll out of your body.

This works especially well if you are feeling very tired.

I recommend using this meditation somewhere where it is quiet and you won’t be disturbed for a couple of hours.  There are a few times of the day that I’ve been success. During a nap, at bedtime, and in the middle of the night.  It has been common practice for me to sleep 6 hours at night, wake up for 30-45 minutes and then use this meditation project. 

If you aren’t successful the first time you go through this meditation, keep trying it each day until you do.  It will help



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