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Healing / Tranformation / Manifestation

This package is a 30-day subscription that is all about taking the steps necessary to bring you into who you want to be (or who you really are). 

Most of us have layers and layers of underlying subconscious "stuff" that must be cleared daily.

A standard session will shift the bulk of your issues all at once. With subscription coaching, you will be able to get the support you need to expand on that healing, shifting you a bit closer, day by day to who you really want to be.

By taking advantage of the coaching support and follow-up sessions you get in this package, you will continue to transform/heal/evolve and have less chance of falling back into old habits of thinking that create dis-ease.

Once you define what it is you want to transform, heal or manifest, the next step is to clear the way to that person you want to be that has all that you wish for.

This program includes everything you get in the Consciousness 101 Program:

  1. The daily form in a submittable format **
  2. Review of your form and other exercises plus support to make sure you understand the process.
  3. When necessary, I will formulate EFT statements especially for you, infused with healing energy so that all you have to do is read the statements to experience the cognitive shift that creates positive change. You may not even have to do the tapping.
  4. Two 45-minute scheduled distance sessions. A phone session is preferred, but if you are in another country, I can tune into your energy with a few pieces of personal information and do the energy work.
    During these sessions, I will:
    1. Look for patterns representing current issues
    2. Find & heal contributing history patterns
    3. Apply energy to help shift detrimental patterns
    4. Provide spiritual guidance that may show up when I access the state of possibilities in the vast morphic field where answers to all problems exist!
    5. Provide a report of my findings
  5. Coaching feedback to help you learn to create an awesome life
  6. As an added BONUS, The Bright Future Workbook, which in itself includes even more BONUSES!

You will experience lots of side benefits from this work such as the elimination of bad habits and addictions.


Healing / Transformation / Manifestation Subscription

Here is the testimonial of one program participant:

"I feel like I have made a big jump forward at reclaiming my health and passion for my personal expression.  I thought I was a self-aware person before I started this program and yet my physical health has been perplexing.  I now have the power to make shifts for something brighter and lighter for me.  One of the unexpected manifestations that I have achieved through this time with Sundi was, I haven't bitten my fingernails and I have been a finger nail biter ever since I was young.  I LOVE The daily check-in and I'm encouraged and excited to keep on this path." 

- Mary Williams

Love & Light,

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EFT certified

Sundi M. Bright

Helping to facilitate transformation by accessing the state of possibilities.

Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner
Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection
EFT Cert-I Practitioner

** Any work that you submit is held in the strictest confidence



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