Transformational Healing Form

Part 3 of 3 of The Secret Formula

Getting Help from the Universe

In #5, you’re asking universal energies to lend their helping hand. 

In #6, you’re noticing and appreciating source energy for its contribution.

5. What question/request could you pose to the universe that would provide many ways in which it can bring you what you ultimately desire (love, prosperity, freedom, etc.)? 

 Where do you feel you need help in manifesting your desire? 

 In maintaining the right vibration? 

 If so, you might ask ‘Great Spirit/God/Universe/Source Energy, please provide me with the frequencies/elements/energy that raises your vibration to the desired level’. 

 I like to ask like this, ‘If I were to receive the frequencies that would maintain the desired vibrations, what would they look/feel/sound/smell like?’ 

 Or ‘What light and information do I need to maintain the desired vibration that will create my [stated desire]?’ 

 When you ask, the universe answers. 

 It is a good idea to get in the habit of asking questions in a way that facilitates answers that serve you. “Why me?!”, for example, is NOT a good question to ask. 

 If you ask the universe to show you why you are experiencing problems, it will simply keep showing you the problems. 

 When you get in the habit of asking powerful questions, you are more likely to be looking for the answers and therefore maintaining the noticing state that creates the space for your desire to manifest. 

 Something like: "If I were to experience/create/receive/manifest my desire, how would that happen?" 

This prompts the universe to guide you as to your part in your creation. 

 6. Now NOTICE. 

What's different? 

What insights came up for you in completing this form? 

 You’ve just asked a question that initiates Divine guidance as to what you do to make this happen and so you want to be looking for how this happens. 

I recommend keeping a journal of synchronicities and other guidance that you receive as you move through this process. 

Remember not to resist what comes up and if you do feel resistance to some experience, remember to come back to this form to work through it or use my resistance log to catch yourself in the process of resisting  .  This guide will help you make a habit of being more aware of when you resist and therefore slow the flow.  The information in the document will help you learn how to move through those resistances more quickly.      

 Creating a new story is going to mean things change in your life experience. It may not even seem related, and you may resist those changes, therefore, delaying or canceling your request. 

 If you can notice ANYTHING that is different… and if it feels uncomfortable, use this process on that which feels uncomfortable… you'll flow through to your desire with ease. 

 Note that sometimes a release occurs or you feel worse about a situation (which is the emotions being released), and again, you want to try to stay in a noticing state. 

 Release can come in the form of more negative emotions, situations occurring that provide the opportunity for you to be different (especially in the case of karma), or you may even feel ill. 

 When you can look at it as part of the process, again, instead of resisting it, you'll soon feel much better.

I hope you've enjoyed this process! Please email me at if you have any comments or questions.