need leathers



Poor me! I don't have appropriate riding gear and I want to get on the track and Ortega Hwy and learn to become a great rider, but I don't have the money to pay for everything that's required to do that! When I had the money (I sold a Chanel purse an old boyfriend bought for me), I used it to help a fellow biker who went down and couldn't work for awhile. Now I need help! I basically need everything... a one-piece leather suit, boots, gloves, helmet and even tires for my bike. Not to mention the cost of classes and track time!

I would appreciate anything you can donate, and if you donate $20 or more, I'll send you a 16" x 20" poster of the photo on this page.

This site will grow, with a place to advertise your business for helping me out. And, as an alternative healing practitioner, you will also be in what I call my morphic field of healing and transformation so expect good karma for doing so. I do appreciate you and your help!