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February 15 , 2016
Sundi Bright

Happy Belated Valentines Day !!

I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love and laughter. If you feel you are lacking in that area, the title of this newsletter, along with the cover photo on my facebook page is filled with bubbles of love that I am sending out to you!

I am still plugging away at getting up to speed with Photoshop so that I may recreate the healing images I see when I am working to facilitate healing for certain afflictions in sessions with my clients. My first priority is my clients and making sure I am clear and connected to spiritual realms of the highest level so that I may bring the vibration of love, light and healing energy into your energy fields.

To experience the healing this connection brings, it is still best to schedule a reading / healing session with me personally. To learn how to create this healing in yourself, I want to share some information about how I get information and how you may perform this psychic detective work for yourself.

How to be a Psychic Detective

Learning what it is that blocks you from what you want or hinders your progress can be serious detective work but answers, healing AND transformation are available to you when you ask the right questions. Even if you don't consider yourself psychic, you still have answers available to you and it's simply of matter of asking questions in a way that bring you the answers you desire.

For me, clairvoyance is my strongest psychic ability, but as I tune in to a pattern more closely, I can also get a feeling and/or a knowing and sometimes an audible message. For you, it may be signs from the universe as you go about your day. The key to receiving these messages is to be in more of a noticing state than you are a thinking state. Once you’ve asked a question… and the best way of asking questions is to use The Secret Formula app… you are to let go and start noticing. You WILL receive messages from the universe that will help guide you.

I have implemented somewhat of a process to get to the bottom of what you may consider a “problem”. More importantly, this process is designed to determine how you can move past those underlying issues and glide easily along your path.

Here’s an example:
Sally comes to me and says that she is having money problems. When she's experiencing financial lack and that's all she tells me, I look for what I call "the problem behind the problem". What I see is her talking down to an employee. She may tell me that she does not [literally] talk down to her employees, giving me the impression that the visual is symbolic. So, I tune in more deeply to the pattern and I feel disrespect. She may still not consciously believe that to be true, but elaborates on her situation.

Sally has hairdressers working for her and she gets $100 from them to work at her salon for the weekend. The salon advertises $15 for a haircut and it takes about 20 minutes to cut each person’s hair. Sally then gets 40% for every haircut. As she is telling me this, I am seeing people walking around looking like dollar signs… as if she sees her employees as money, not as people.

So, we could come to the conclusion that Sally's employees are not being paid what they are worth and in not having a desire to compensate them properly, she is showing disrespect for them and the time they put in and the job they do.

If I didn't know about the payment policy, I might believe she talks down to her employees and in an offline session, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to ask her if/how this resonates (although further questioning would help me uncover the truth that does resonate). The specific act isn't there, but the vibration behind the “talking down” visual is disrespect. However, how would spirit show me a visual of employees getting 60% of the $15 for 20 minutes after they had to pay $100 for the weekend to work there? That would be a lot harder to depict in an image and the point spirit wants to get across is the vibration. The vibration of disrespect that is coming back to her in the form of little money.

So, in a psychic reading, when I say “talking down to”, and the visual is symbolic and not literal, we may have to think about what else is going on of the same vibration and further questioning may be required.

My typical next question, asking the opposite, is sometimes a good clue. What would Sally's energy look like if "she had money" or had what she wanted?
I might see her shelling out dollar bills to her employees, indicating compensation which has the feeling of appreciation, RESPECT and admiration.

The point is that Sally is not being compensated by the universe because she's not compensating her employees.

You could call that karma.

I call that a vibration which attracts situations of the same vibration.

Since it's not always easy to shift to the vibration of trusting enough in receiving to give more, my job would look to see where this comes from. When did it begin? And to clear stuck energy of situations like that and heal the effect the situation had on her.

If you are trying to get answers for yourself, you might ask "Where in my life am I putting out the same vibration as this problem?” If you don't get an answer right away simply by asking the question, start noticing how the universe alerts you with an answer and don’t be afraid to know the truth. The truth is guiding you to who you really are and all the abundance and happiness you could imagine!

The truth will set you free.

As a law-of-attraction coach and psychic healer, my goal is to connect with your guides and other spiritual helpers to bring forth information that will guide you on your journey, and help you manifest all that you desire.

In a psychic reading, I can see past situations including past life experiences, that may be affecting you today and possibly blocking what you want. I work to clear these negative energies and look for the truth and positive aspects that will empower you and raise your vibration to a level that attracts / manifests / creates what you want. I will also help you gain a positive perspective by recognizing your strengths, soul abilities, gifts, experiences and/or potential that may be suppressed by the detrimental subconscious patterns.

I also use a little Matrix Energetics magic to help shift you to the beautiful, happy and abundant YOU that is your birthright!

Learning what it is that blocks you from what you want or hinders your progress can be serious detective work but answers, healing AND transformation are available to you when you ask the right questions. Even if you don't consider yourself psychic, you still have answers available to you and it's simply of matter of asking questions in a way that bring you the answers you desire.

Jo, from the UK recently shared her experience after a session with me to heal a constipation issue and I wanted to share with you how this work can create this type of healing. I saw the physical aspect of Jo's constipation as her intestines being ballooned out in one area and looking extremely uncomfortable. After her session, she writes:

"Thank you so much for your powerful healing last week. I don't have the words for the difference it has made for me - the emotional shift I felt almost instantly and the sense of endless despair which was really overpowering has certainly lifted. Your empathy and seeing of the struggle I've had also was very beautiful and healing in itself. I have felt physical shifts too. I felt the physical dissolving you spoke of a couple of days later (Thurs/Friday) and now there is certainly flow even if it doesn't feel super easy or natural just yet - it is there. It feels what I can only describe as bruised in my lower intestines And I imagine it may take a while to settle to feel the sense of ease given it was held for so long? [In this case required another session]

Whenever I feel any self doubt I use the victorious affirmation and it helps enormously to be able to begin trusting. I also began to notice I felt angry when I sense being judged as a lesser human being (this has been something I've struggled with for a long time and didn't know how to shift) and when I held it with the understand of the cinderella past life experience [I saw this as her scrubbing floors and having a forceful energy standing over her] it allowed it space to just be what it is without me hooking into it so much."

When I tune into a physical problem looking for ways to heal it, spirit will not accommodate unless we’ve explored the patterns that have contributed to the creation of the physical problem and healed those first, which is usually a mental / emotional issue and/or stuck energy from past traumatic experiences, sometimes from past lives.

Once these patterns have been healed, I can then see how a physical problem can be healed and the process of facilitating that healing begins. I will see the most incredible, beautiful colors and energy coming in in a myriad of ways and it is my goal to graphically recreate these images so that they can be applied to others.

Although I am working with individuals with unique situations, I believe that these images and the healing mandalas that I’m creating can be used to create relief in others experiencing similar afflictions.

These healing images and the information I receive about the cause of these afflictions will be shared on my Facebook page, so please like my page or visit often.

This type of healing work can help you in many areas of your life, whether related to your health / body image / appearance, finances / career / job, or relationships / finding love, and I’d love the opportunity to assist you on your journey.

My sessions can still be done completely off-line if you are not able to be on the phone or skype with me at the time of your session. I can tune into your energy field and start my detective work while sending healing to patterns that are undesirable (creating what you don't want). To get an idea of what I look for in a session, see my service options page.

It can be fun and enlightening to discover and shift the patterns that keep you away from who you really are. This type of healing will create positive shifts in many areas of your life and the possibilities for your evolution, expansion and spiritual awareness are unlimited and I hope to have the opportunity to assist you on your journey.

In loving light,

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