The Secret Formula

Thank you for your submission!

You have given this request to the Universe/God/the Angels/Source Energy/Your Higher Self, or whatever or Whomever it is you believe in! *

This source loves you unconditionally and will be working to bring your request to fruition.

As long as you have truly let it go and don't have a lot of underlying subconscious patterns blocking you from receiving, you will see evidence of its coming manifestation if not full manifestation.

If you feel you must "do" something, simply think of this as The Game of Life, and the way you get what you want is by not resisting the way the universe aligns to bring you what you want, and by feeling grateful.

Make sure you've read The Secret Formula, Learn the Steps on how to use these steps. It may seem self explanatory and simple, but there is a "best" way to perform the steps and I want you to have success with the process.

You may be surprised and curious about the synchronicities as this takes place and I encourage you to make note of them. You may want to do that either in #6 of the next Manifestation Request you complete, or in your personal journal.

As long as you keep noticing what's different, things will keep shifting in the direction of your dreams!

I am excited about the possibilities for your expansion and I do hope you'll keep in touch and keep me posted on your progress.

In loving light,
Sundi Bright

* Just so you know, this request does go to one of my personal mailboxes. However, your personal information is safe with me. Your email address and personal information will not be sold, or passed on to any other parties for any reason. It is only used to make sure I am providing products and services that will truly help you.

I would welcome any comments, suggestions or feedback you have regarding this app. Thank you.

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