Transformational Healing Form

This process can help you transform negative experiences into positive ones!

Manifestation Request / Transformation Form

Complete the form to transform undesired experiences.

If you were to look at this problem as an obstacle or challenge that gives you extra 'power' on your path to enlightenment/ascension/your-desire when you work through it, how would you describe it? Notice how you describe the symptoms of any physical problem as they are often a clue as to the inner process that is manifesting in your 3D experience.

If a situation has triggered negative emotions, those negative emotions may indicate your overall vibration.  Instead of looking at the person or situation as wrong or bad, look at it as the trigger that it is, awakening the pattern within you that wants to be transformed so that you can advance along your path.  If you didn’t already feel inadequate (for example), you wouldn’t have reacted the way that you did, or the situation wouldn't have occurred at all.  Consider the negative emotions a wake up call that something deep within you is looking to be healed so that you can achieve all that you desire.

How can you see the power in moving through or around the problem/challenge/obstacle? If you knew what ability it was enhancing or intending to create in you, what would that be? In other words, what ability, skill and/or attitude would be needed to create your desire? If this were a movie script you were writing, what would you learn from the 'problem' and how would you use that knowledge to create a happy ending? Once you have imagined that scenario, see that happy ending in your mind. You must know what you want and that you can have it in order for it to manifest in the realm of physicality.

"What would it feel like to know I have the power to manifest my desire?" The idea here is to change your vibration to that which is alignment with your desire. Then, feel grateful as if you already have your desire. This locks in the possibility, imprinting it in the ethers and increases in density when you see/feel/know (with gratitude) that it is yours (both the ability it creates and the ultimate outcome).

For example: "If I were to experience/create/receive/manifest my desire, how would that happen?" This question prompts the universe to guide you as to your part in your creation. Note that from the place of being your true self, you manifest with ease.

You’ve just asked a question that initiates Divine guidance as to what you do to make this happen. I recommend keeping a journal of synchronicities and other guidance that you receive as you move through this process. Remember not to resist what comes up and if you do feel resistance to some experience, remember to come back to this form to work through it.

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