Transformational Healing Form

aka The Probleminator 

This process can help you transform negative experiences into positive ones by integrating the shadow and obtaining the power meant for you in the situation.  

Transformative Journaling Outline

These form questions summarize a  process designed to help you get to the core of any imbalance (problem)  for the purpose of processing it in a way that leads to healing, transformation, and the manifestation of all that you desire. 

This is #5 in a progression of tools you can use to transform problems.       

This is Shadow Work. 

Your life is your creation, and this will help you discover how repressed emotions from past experiences have led to more of the same, as there is a power in it for you to obtain, while letting go of the negative emotions.    

You don't have to answer every question, as each one is simply meant to trigger answers that will create a shift.  If the question seems irrelevant or redundant, simply skip it.    

I recommend copying the form contents from the email you receive into another file so that you can refer back to log what you notice shifting as you go about your day.

A notebook dedicated to your shadow work would be a really good idea.  I like to use a tab in the OneNote app as I can access it from all of my devices.   

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If you’re doing this on a regular basis, I recommend starting by considering what you’re grateful for despite any ‘problem’, noticing what has or is shifting since last time.

Part 1: Determine your 'problem' vibration

If you were to look at this problem as an obstacle or challenge that gives you extra 'power' on your path to enlightenment/ascension/your-desire when you work through it, how would you describe it?
Notice how you describe the symptoms of any physical problem as they are often a clue as to the inner process that is manifesting in your 3D experience.
Resistance is your clue that something is out of balance. Considering what you are afraid of and trying to control is key to facing that fear and moving through it.
If you knew what the pattern is that is reflecting out as the illusion of your problem, what would that be?  Imagine you're viewing yourself and your energy from outside of yourself to determine your vibration.   If you'd like my clairvoyant perspective, you can purchase a question
What is it protecting you from? Does it benefit you in some way? How might you look at it in a way that makes you feel strong and safe?

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If a situation has triggered negative emotions, those negative emotions may indicate your overall vibration. Instead of looking at the person or situation as wrong or bad, look at their actions as the trigger that it is, awakening the pattern within you that wants to be transformed so that you can advance along your path.
What was your state of mind prior to the onset of the ‘problem’? What was occurring in your life? Considering this may lead you to understanding that the negative emotions you hold onto have an equivalent physical manifestation.
There may have been a time earlier in life when you had an experience that resulted in the same kind of emotions. If you didn’t release those emotions, they’re still sitting in your energy field, and creating a similar experience over and over again. The key is to obtain the power/lesson in the experience, use it to move forward and let the negative emotions go.  Ask yourself "What light and/or information is needed to be able to let go?"      
If you’re feeling like you’re a victim of someone else’s actions and are forever looking to have them acknowledge, repent and apologize for what they’ve done, you hand all your power over to them. Are they worth it? If you can accept the idea that you may have created this... and sometimes past life karma has created it... and you take responsibility, you can look at it as an experience that gives YOU power to go down a path that fulfills your life purpose. 
Generally, when we’ve experienced trauma, we hold onto emotions against the person or ‘kind of’ person that you feel wronged you. This may cause you to spew negativity toward those that trigger those emotions and yet when you do so, you really end up asking for more of the same.
I have seen that when negative emotions are suppressed for a long time, they fester to the point of taking on a life of their own, actually creating an energy that’s shown to me as something separate from you yet dwells within you. I call this ‘life’ a shadow entity. You might also consider this the ego, or something the ego has created.  If you consider how your ego is at work, you can let it know you don't need it's protection, and instead choose to move through the challenge instead of shrieking back in limitation.    

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Part 2: Determine your aligned vibration

It is very easy to complain when you are experiencing what you don't want, but have you considered what you do want? I recommend that when you state your desire, you let go of analyzing why you have the ‘problem’ or what you think you “should” want. State what you want in terms of the physical. You can gain quite a lot of insights when you recognize any resistance in stating what you actually want, physically, that is not what the problem is. It’s okay to state how you want to feel, but I recommend that in addition to stating your physical desire. Not defining what you actually want is part of the reason you have the problem, but in forcing yourself to do so, you may see why you resist it in the first place. Also, try not to mention the ‘problem’, as in not having the problem.
Consider the possibility that you are having this problem because there is a power inside of you that you will need to fulfill your life's purpose. If you knew what that power was, what would it be?
To achieve anything that you want to achieve, you must believe that you can achieve it. Coming up with a story of how it is achieved creates a belief that makes it a possibility. It may not manifest in that same way, but it does plant the seed of possibility in the ethers. You then just have to water and fertilize that seed with action.
Imagine that you are moving toward having what you want and then obtaining it, or that you've already obtained it. Do you notice any resistance? You may feel a sensation in your body, or fear of some kind. Put your attention on that pattern of resistance with acknowledgement, acceptance and curiosity. Resistance is a block to having what you want. See if you can push through the block in this manner and note what you discover.

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Affirm that you are to have your desire. Something like "I AM grateful for having my desire. And so it is."

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Part 3: Get Help from the Universe

When you ask for help, you receive it! Consider the areas where you struggle coming into your own power and ask God/The Universe/Source Energy for help.
Example: Please help me rise above this situation so I can see more clearly. Or, If my vibration were to match my desire, what would that feel like?
Example: If I were to know what step to take next, what would that be?
Example: If I were to obtain my desire, how would that happen?

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When you ask for help, you receive it. The key is getting out of your head and remaining neutral so that you notice the way the universe works to align your energy with your desire. Sometimes things have to fall away in order to bring you into alignment. When you notice in a grateful way, instead of resisting, you open to the flow that moves you toward what you desire. If you resist, use the resistance log to shift back to neutral.
You may have received insights as you completed this form. Recognize them here if you haven't already.
The universe likes it when you recognize the guidance it brings. I like to do my journaling at night and pull oracle cards in the morning as it relates to the journaling topic.
Repeating numbers, songs, or anything else that you NOTICE is a sign that the universe is working in your favor to bring you what you desire. Write down all the synchronicities that you notice.
Sometimes what you notice is that you are having a lot of discomforts! This is release and if you can look at it as such and accept it, instead of resisting, the process will go a lot more smoothly.

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