Transformational Healing Form

Progressive Tools for Transformation

Quick Guide to Healing and Transformational Shifts 

Quick Guide to moving through Problems and Challenges

This Guide outlines a progression towards a balanced, aligned state that creates the potential to manifest your desire(s).

Creating a notebook to organize this work is a good idea. I like to use the OneNote app to do just that. If you use the app, you can use a copy of my blank OneNote notebook that is already organized with appropriate tabs and templates.

Disclaimer: This guide is not intended as a substitute for medical care and advice. The reader should always consult a professional for any concerns regarding your well-being.

1. The Resistance Log 

The progression starts out with a simple method of changing your energy and works very well for things you’re not too triggered about and also a great tool when you have become more aligned and balanced in general. This method involves watching where you resist, and in becoming aware of such resistance, you make a conscious choice of what you prefer in the situation, setting that intention, then letting go and noticing how it comes about. The resistance log is what you would use in this first step of the progression. Here is a guideline to help you work through resistance: ResistanceLogInstructions.pdf

 2. This into That 

When you can’t simply let go, it is likely because you are unaware of how your energy is actually creating what you don’t want. This can often be remedied by really analyzing your own energy in the situation (what I call the “this”), again determining what you what you want, realizing what your energy would be like if you were experiencing that desire (what I call the “that”) and then making the choice to step into that state of being. 

When you recognize resistance to something, and you can’t let go of that resistance, see if you can look at the problem for what it is (in other words how your energy might be projecting out as a problem), subsequently considering what you want in the situation and what your energy would look like if that were your experience. 

Use the This into That word template, or PDF template) to help you quickly change your energy.

 Again, when negative emotions and unresolved trauma make it hard to step into the desired state that creates what you want, then you want to neutralize those negative emotions with EFT...

 3. The Mother-of-All EFT setup (MOAES) statements

 EFT is a very effective tool for neutralizing the charge that disrupts the energy field, creating an imbalance that manifests as a projection of that imbalance. In my sessions, there are a number of things I look for that are the core pattern(s) in any imbalance. The Mother-of-All EFT setup statements cover these aspects. A pre-MOAES questionnaire helps you uncover the core patterns for yourself, which can then be plugged into the provided MOAES (tapping) template.

 Although you can do the tapping, oftentimes the pattern shifts when you answer the questions and create and/or read the setup statement using this method.

 Other aspects contributing to the problem/challenge may come up and the same process can be used to neutralize them as well.

 To create an effective tapping setup phrase, use the Mother-of-all EFT setup templates (word template document, PDF or online form). 

 4. Creating your Desire Template

 When you’re neutral and not charged with “don’t wants” and negative emotions, you have a lot more power to create what you do want. I call this zero point, where you can pivot to the experience you desire. 

This template helps you create your desire by planting the seed in the plasma of the ethers, also showing you how to fertilize that seed so as to bring it into physicality. 

Use the Creating your Desire word template or PDF template to create your desire.

 5. Probleminator Journaling

 When even the Mother-of-All EFT setups statements doesn’t get you to a neutral state of mind, there is deeper work to do. 

The probleminator journaling outline will help you access the core traumas, karma and the shadow parts and find your power in them. 

Use the Probleminator Journaling Outline in word template format and print out if you are keeping a physical notebook.

6. Schedule a session

 It can be hard to see your own stuff. When you need help, from a detached perspective, I can clairvoyantly see the patterns that are projecting out as the experience you’re having. 

To view my services, go to: and/or schedule a session.


 I recommend you also keep a tab/page of affirmations.  You might take these from the This into That template, where you determine what your energy is like when you are experiencing your desire, or from the affirmation question in the MOAES template  .  Recite these affirmations up to 3 times a day, and especially before going to sleep at night while in that space between being awake and being asleep.         


 Every step in the progression of healing and transformation using this process involves noticing. It is a good idea to have a tab in your notebook where you can log all the ways you notice the alignment taking place to bring about your desire. 

So that you don’t miss anything you should/could be noticing, check out my guide to noticing.

In conclusion

I hope that you have enjoyed this guide. An energy exchange is always appreciated and that could be done in a couple of different ways. 

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Thanks so much! 

In loving light, 

Sundi Bright