Resources that I've found useful on my own journey


The following are a few tools that will allow you to take the first step in achieving your dreams. Clearing negative emotions is the #1 step to becoming who you want to be and manifesting all that you wish for in life. These tools will help!

  • The Resistance Log: Recognizing and moving through resistance is essential to advancing along your path and opening the door to more fulfilling life experiences. It also creates alignment with your higher-self and a higher perspective that brings clarity. This tool can help you tremendously.

  • One User's Testimonial

    "...I am in a higher state of awareness and consciousness with following this process prescribed by Sundi. I am excited about this log and anticipate it will help many as it did for me. There is nothing better than allowing even your most burdensome feelings to carry you into a higher state of consciousness and empowerment."

    —Nancy, Tampa, FL


  • Probleminator Journaling Outline: THIS is how you eliminate problems! That is, by understanding how some imbalanced pattern is projecting out as the illusion of your 'problem'.
    This outline guides you though questions you can ask yourself that will help you find the answers of how the imbalanced pattern and subsequent problem were created and how you can find the power/remedy to transform it.

  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques: A wonderful technique that allows you to very quickly clear negative emotions, eliminate bad habits, cravings and limiting beliefs, perform better, and much more!

  • Emotions List: Something bothering you, and yet you can't find the right term to use in EFT to help you clear it? This list of negative emotions may help.


These are some of the resources I've used on my journey to creating The Secret Formula. I think you will find them beneficial:

  • Discover Tachyon Energy!

  • Imagine radiant health, unlimited spiritual potential, and utter contentment. Visualize the joy of cosmic energy flowing freely through your life system. This is what happens when blockages are cleared with Tachyonized™ materials!

  • Site Build It
  • The easiest way I've seen to build a website AND a business on the web. Even if you already have a website or have no experience creating a website, the tools that SBI offers can allow you to create a web presence that works!