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Resistance Log Instructions

This process is meant to help you move through resistances

The Energy of Resistance

Resistance is something we experience when faced with a situation that we believe could lead to pain of some sort. 

However, when you resist, energetically speaking, you are boxing yourself into a certain experience, and cutting yourself off from an opportunity that can lead to growth, expansion, and ascension. 

Resistance can indicate an internal imbalance based on past trauma and your clue that healing is needed if you are to create a better experience. 

Recognizing and moving through resistance is essential to advancing along your path and opening the door to more fulfilling life experiences. It also creates alignment with your higher-self and a higher perspective that brings clarity. 

Recognizing Resistance

Resistance may appear as a funny feeling in part of your body, it may be a negative emotion, or it may be some sort of denial of what is being presented. 

Being triggered is one form of resistance, and generally, a negative emotion is your first clue that you are resisting something. When you stop to actually question what it is you are resisting, you can work to bring healing to some part of you that doesn't want to be hurt again.

You may have resistance as it relates to your health/appearance, job/finances, relationship/lack thereof, or anything to do with current events.

Moving through resistance

 Moving through the resistance is important if you are to connect with your true self and manifest what you desire. Your attention on the matter that you are resisting, or acknowledgement and acceptance of it, in itself will create a  shift and this document provides a guide for helping you to do so. 

Keeping a log of your resistances will result in a habit of catching yourself in resistance, therefore providing an opportunity to neutralize the core emotion that causes the resistance in the first place.  

This creates a greater  self-awareness that amplifies your intuitive abilities in general.  Resistance keeps you locked into a limiting pattern and therefore a limited perception and life experience, so learning to move through resistance is the most important thing you can do to expand and activate your innate abilities.  

Resistance Log Instructions

The initial goal is to log 10 resistances you notice in a day. With this goal in the back of your mind, it helps you to be more conscious of your thoughts and reactions so that you can be ready to log each resistance you experience. If you do not have 10 resistances, that is great, as the ultimate goal is to have very little resistance as that would mean you’re flowing.


 The Process

 1. Recognize the resistance and write it down. 

2. Either a) move through the emotions, or b) set intention for what you prefer, and/or c) get curious about the situation (you may or may not ask a specific question). 

a) If the emotions are intense and you cannot move out of it by setting intention or getting curious, move into it. In other words, let go of resisting the emotions that are coming up and let them be. You may also tap (EFT) as you are feeling the emotions if guided to do so. Saying the words of Ho’oponopono as you move into it can be helpful as well. “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”. 

Or simply breathe. 

Step outside of the emotions, acknowledging and accepting them until they move through and out of you, leaving you feeling more neutral, and then go to step b or c. 

b) If you are setting intention, you may want to create that possibility in the quantum field by really feeling your desire with all your senses, maybe even completing my Create-What-I-Want Form to do so. When you’re moving into that feeling, and you notice the ‘yes, buts’ (which again, is resistance and that voice that says it can’t happen), stare it down until you’ve moved through it into the full feeling of what you want. If you are familiar with EFT, you might even tap as you move through the ‘yes, buts’. 

c) If you are getting curious, you may want to 1) think about why you feel the way you feel, or 2) consider why a person you’re dealing with feels the way they feel and see if you can find compassion there, or 3) think about how this could be something that has to happen to advance you on your path toward intention set above. You may not even know what to ask or have a specific question, but even having a sort of ‘hmmmm’ vibration is more likely to bring you information that helps you flow. This pause is something like holding space for some answer, solution or shift to come through. Awareness, love, compassion and bliss are the vibrations of ascension, so ask questions that help you achieve that state. 

3. Let go and go back to that noticing state, recording the guidance, synchronicities, or answers that come your way as it relates to the original resistance and/or intention.

 Only set intention once. If you’re experiencing a situation that feels like the opposite of what you’ve already set intention for, then simply take a step back and get curious as to how the experience might actually be moving you toward what you do want, then let go and let that happen without a need to control it.

Resistance creates a struggle as you try to avoid that which you do not want and impedes the flow toward a more desirable experience. The trigger is meant to help you expand, evolve, and ascend. If you simply get curious when you encounter it, you will be in a more flowing state.  

 To summarize, the goal is to notice the resistance, then either set intention and/or get curious about what is being presented to you. If you cannot access a neutral space with this process, you may need to go deeper by using my journaling outline which you can find at

 You may want to download or recreate a chart similar to this to log your resistances.

 When you cannot access the source of your struggles, a session may be beneficial as I would be able to access the incidents and patterns that have contributed to the creation of any imbalance. If you need help, I’m available for personal sessions. I am currently doing sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. If there is a problem you can’t seem to move through, I can psychically access the origins and energetically help you neutralize the charge from past situations that is causing the disruption in your energy field and manifesting/projecting out as some ‘problem’ that is creating limitation in your life.

 In an offline Neutralize-It session, I focus on neutralizing the underlying, core emotion(s) that contribute to the creation of said problem.

 The Align Attune session would be more for someone who knows exactly what they want, would be able to describe it and feel it as they complete the form, and just needs some help with aligning with their desire. This is also an offline session.

 If you want a live session, I recommend the full, 1 hour session. A full session may involve the work of a soul retrieval and/or address the physical issue itself with shamanic practices.

 I hope this assists you on your journey!

One User's Testimonial

"I started the resistance log during a time of being stuck in unpleasant emotions. My coping strategies became less effective. I utilized positive thinking techniques, but they only agitated and brought more awareness to the situation. Finally, I decided to give up the struggle and sit with the emotions.

In the process, I repeatedly questioned myself on, “How long will I be here?” or “Where is this going?”. Sometimes I would imagine “toughing it out,” and eventually, things would get better. I became more aware of the necessity to release my feelings in some manner. It was also at this time Sundi Bright introduced me to the concept of the Resistance Log.

The Resistance Log permitted me to identify the feelings as separate from myself. It was beneficial to identify what the emotions were, therefore removing judgment of them and me from the equation.

Through journaling, I asked myself insightful questions about each heavy sentiment experienced. This process opened avenues for posing insightful questions to the universe, to release, and then observe the solutions as they manifest.

The Resistance Log is easy to follow; notice the emotions, get curious about, and EXPECT guidance.

I am in a higher state of awareness and consciousness with following this process prescribed by Sundi. I am excited about this log and anticipate it will help many as it did for me. There is nothing better than allowing even your most burdensome feelings to carry you into a higher state of consciousness and empowerment."

—Nancy, Tampa, FL


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