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With a few exceptions, my reading/healing session schedule is from Tuesday - Thursday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm eastern time in the US. You do not need to be present in order for me to do this work. After you purchase your session, you will receive a link to a form that will provide me with the information I need to connect to your energy field and do the work. If done off-line, a typed report of the reading/healing will be emailed to you.

If you are available during these times, and yet not local, the session can be done via phone or skype and will be recorded and a link to that recording provided afterwards.

You may view, schedule and purchase a session with me directly at

  • Psychic Reading / Healing / Coaching Sessions

To transform problems and help you manifest what you want, there are some specific patterns that I may look for to help you clear subconscious blocks, heal past traumas, and raise your vibration to match your desire. 

NOTICE: As of January 1st, 2024, all sessions are offline except the full, 1-hour session.


Full 1-hour, Shamanic Psychic Healing Session
The Neutralize-It Session(offline session)  Includes custom EFT Tapping Statements
The This into That Session (offline session) $88.55
The Question Session(offline session) $25.55
Off-Hours Sessions
4 full session package  
Specialized Sessions. Everything is energy and I can look at the energy of situations, beauty concerns, the energies in your chakras, and different health concerns and provide healing, clearing and beautifying energies to any area of concern.
Situation Session
Animal Energy Session
Energetic Beauty Treatment
Chakra/Aura Clearing
Physical Ailment Healing
Love Session 




  • Shaman Styled Stones (custom jewelry charged with tranformational energies)

I'm creating jewelry to help you transform! With my shaman training, I developed an ability to tune into nature and with that came the unfolding of the ability to harness the elements in nature and to enhance the healing that crystals and gemstones already bless our lives with. When you place a custom order, I can read your energy field to see what your vibration looks and feels like and determine the stone or crystal that would benefit you most. While connected to your energy field, I also receive a program download that goes into the stone as I style it. Once the stone has been styled shamanically, I then read the stone to let you know exactly what it’s vibration is and how it will help you.

When a SSS is meant for someone, I get the info on what needs healed before I do the work, along with the "program" for the SSS. Then, after I have created it... I "read" it, and it tells your story. What needs to be healed, who you really are and how the SSS provides the vibration to help you get there.

I am constantly being guided to create and have found that each piece is meant for someone specific. Whether someone has placed a custom order or not, my jewelry finds its way into the hands of those who need it most. I call my brand of jewelry “Shaman Styled Stones” and currently available items can be found at  , where you’ll find a description of the energy of each of these creations.

Email me at to discuss your specific needs.

Custom Jewelry Rates - please email me for more information
Shaman Styled Stones
Shaman Styled Stone styled in Yellow Gold
Shaman Styled Stone styled in Silver
Shaman Styled Stone styled in bare copper and oxidized



Although written as a step-by-step guide to assist healing professionals in helping their clients transform problem situations into what they desire, this book is for anyone who wants to understand their own inner process, providing insight and power to heal and transform any situation.

If you're dealing with anything you consider a problem in your life, whether it be related to your health or appearance, finances or career, or relationships of any kind, it simply means your beliefs and vibration are not in alignment with who you really are and the imbalance causes a physical issue or life experience designed to get your attention and correct your course.

And we get off course due to past events we perceived in a way that created a limiting belief that may have caused suffering. And you’re not meant to be limited, nor are you meant to suffer!

This book shows you how you can unravel the story of how the "problem" came about and with insight into what any situation was meant to teach you, transform that situation.

With the past healed, and your potential realized, you have the opportunity to automatically shift out of an old way of thinking (that resulted in a vibration that limited you), and into a vibration that will create the kind of positive life experience you intended for yourself before you were born into this physical existence! After all, why would you choose anything but to utilize your gifts, talents and skills and enjoy the possibilities of being an unlimited spiritual being in a physical body?!



Service Descriptions

Full, 1 hour Psychic Reading/Healing - $199

A psychic healing session may involve practices such as soul retrieval, spirit animal communication, entity removal, chakra cleansing, power activation  or involve other modalities including a combination of reconnective healing, Matrix Energetics, EFT and/or any other modalities I may feel appropriate based on what shows up in a session. The intent/focus for the session should be on one particular problem, as I am looking for the underlying patterns that contribute to that one problem in order to bring you lasting healing. It is likely that the patterns I access are also affecting you in other areas of your life that will benefit from the session as well.

Your session can be done at a distance, completely off-line, without you being physically present (for those in time-zones where it would be difficult to coordinate a time), or over the phone.

I will work to shift each pattern into something that allows for and is in alignment with your desire.  Transformation is going to come in the form of either knowledge that creates the shift, knowledge that prompts you to do something that causes the shift toward your desire, or from energy that is applied while I’m in session.

After you purchase your session, you will receive a link to a form that will provide me with the information I need to connect to your energy field and do the work, including what you want to work on. If you wish to be present for your session either by phone or skype, you can check my calendar and schedule a 1 hour  session at If the session is done off-line, I will email you my notes from the reading after the session. If it is done over the phone, you may want to record the conversation.

Make a committment to your continued healing, growth and expansion by purchasing my 4-session package.   


Situation Session - $199

Do you have a certain situation that you'd like some help shifting? A relationship issue? A job interview? A financial issue? The possibilities are endless. With the help of matrix energetics, your situation can shifted in the highest and best way. When you purchase this session, you will receive a form that I'll need you to complete so that I get all the facts regarding your situation, and then I will schedule your session.

Your session can be done over the phone or completely off-line. In the case of the later, I will email you a report of your session reading after I have done the reading and energy work.

Any ‘problem’ you experience usually has its roots in a situation that caused you to dim your light… it diminished your power and your ‘problem’ was the result. In this session, I psychically look at those situations, apply healing, let you know what your power is/was in that situation and then activate and/or enhance that power shamanically.

This offline session will provide information on the initial, unresolved wound that has been projecting out as your 'problem', what fear is holding you back, and most importantly, activate the power that was meant for you in the situation.

If you wish a phone, skype or zoom session, please purchase a full, 1 hour session on my calendar as the work is part of a full, live session.       


The This into That Session - $88.55

For any specific problem or challenge, this session will tell you what imbalanced pattern is projecting out as the problem (this), and either what a balanced state looks like for you, or what the energy of your desire looks like (that).

I will also do some energy work to connect you to that balanced state or desired possibility, helping to dissolve the blocks/resistances that hold you away from that desire or balanced state.

I may also provide some insights as to what will or need to occur for your desire or balanced state to manifest.

This is an offline session.  After you complete the form emailed to you after you purchase the session, I will plug you into my schedule on my next session day, do the work by connecting to your energy field based on the info you provide on the form and then email you the reading.   

If you prefer to speak to me live, please schedule a full, 1-hour session on my calendar and we can talk about as many issues as that time permits.   


"I had multiple sessions with Sundi, each on a different topic. Each session was fantastic, and very different from each other because what needed to be worked on was different. She was amazing at getting to the root of each issue, using her incredible variety of skills. She has a pleasant personality, and is clearly channeling something during the sessions. I felt a release during each session, leaving me feeling uplifted. I could feel the energy continue to work in me for a couple of days afterwards. The best part is the results! My life changed for the better afterwards. It's like magic happened. I highly recommend Sundi, and I know I'll be back!"

—Geraldine A.


"I scheduled a This into That session for a lung cancer problem. Sundi told me the imbalanced pattern that was projecting out as my ‘problem’ was that I was holding my daughter too close to my chest. In other words, smothering us both in my need to protect her. I was told that ‘true me’ was more curious, playful and encouraging, which resonated with me on a very deep level and I was able to embrace and step into this version of me. In doing so, I found myself becoming more mindful of how I talked to my daughter, praising her and noticing the confidence that instilled in her. I also feel more happy in myself, finding reasons to be happy and laugh each day. I feel like there is more air in my left lung which has been the problematic one. As more time passed, I found that I also have less pain and my requirement for pain killers has gone down which is amazing for me because I have been suffering with pain for so long!
Thank you so much for this healing, Sundi. "

—Emma, Ireland


Specialized Sessions - $199

Specialized Sessions

Everything is energy and I can psychically see the patterns that create what you don't want, apply healing and then look at the physical pattern that has already been created and give instruction to the pattern to shift as directed.

For example, in the case of cellulite, I have seen the cells grasping for light and holding onto fat and water in the process. When light is sent to the cells, the fat and water is released!



Question Session - $25.55

If you just have a quick question that you want a psychic answer to, this session is for you.

This is a great session if you just want to know how your energy/vibration is projecting out as a specific problem, or something more general.

This is an offline session. Please email me your question after you purchase the session and I will reply to your email as soon as possible. 

If you prefer to speak to me live, please schedule a full, 1-hour session on my calendar and we can talk about as many issues as that time permits.