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The Neutralize-It Session!

Neutralizing the root of any problem

Although, for the past 25+ years, I have studied and practiced everything from diet and exercise to ascension and spiritual growth, what I always going back to, being key to healing, transformation, spiritual growth and ascension is neutralizing negative emotions that still vibrate in the energy field from past traumas, causing a disruption in your energy field which is an imbalance that ends up creating what you don’t want.

I realize that’s a long sentence but that’s because becoming neutral can accomplish a great deal!

And one may feel that they’re not harboring resentments, but if you have any kind of so-called ‘problem’ in your life, you are out of balance.  And an out of balance state is usually the result of pent up emotions from past situations that have led to limitations that project out in the physical world as problems.

Although up until now I have thought it beneficial to know what you DO want in any given situation, I realize it is often very hard to know or see yourself having what you want when you're out of alignment.

Therefore, I have created a session that will focus on accessing and neutralizing the energy that disrupts your energy field and creates what you don't want.

This session is an offline session and will provide a reading as to what the imbalanced pattern is and how I see the incident and the energy that created the problem. I will work to neutralize the imbalanced patterns energetically, but will also provide EFT statements to help you process the reading if need be.

To learn more about why it's important to be neutral, how you can get neutral, AND experience a brief waking-state meditation to neutralize a problem, download my recent interview with Business Talk Radio on the subject.

Here are a couple of testimonials from recent clients:


"Sundi is pure magic. I approached her to look into my cellulite issue that was worsening. What she uncovered was quite crazy, it’s made me accept a purpose I know now I need to accept and with this, over night the cellulite has gone! I’m in awe of her magic but I can believe it’s gone because iv never felt so called to approach someone in all my life. I deeply resonate with our bodily manifestations directly linking to underlying issues and so I was very open to her work and her findings. I understood and I’m jumping for joy for the freedom I feel because of this release. I look forward to working with you again. With so much gratitude, love and blessings. "

—Lucinda, United Kingdom


Plantar Fasciitis

"I had Planatar fasciitis over 2 years, nothing has worked i had numerous treatments without any luck. After only one session with Sundi my symptoms are gone. I feel much better and happier as a result of that. I can strongly recommend Sundi to anyone she is life changing, supportive and really wants to help people. Blessings and Love  "

—K Tunc , Berlin, Germany


This is an offline session, though  if you wish to have the session over the phone, I recommend scheduling a full session by going directly to my calendar at A full session often involves a soul retrieval. When there has been extreme trauma, it is not unusual for the soul to fragment, often taking with it some ability that you would need advance along your path.

To aid you in processing your own emotions and transforming your problems, I have created a journaling outline that guides you through a set of questions that will help you find the answers that create a shift in your energy/vibration. You can find that guide at

After you purchase your session, you will receive a link to a form that will provide me with the information I need to connect to your energy field while also initiating a shift as a result of any insights you gain when completing the form.



The Neutralize-It Session


 If you prefer to be present on the phone or via skype for this session, again, please purchase a 1-hour session on my calendar at

I look forward to assisting you on your journey!