Transformational Healing Form

Mother-of-all-EFT setups questionnaire

Completing this form provides information that can be plugged into the MOAES template   

Mother-of-all-EFT setups questionnaire

In order to for me to create a custom tapping statement for your particular challenge, I will need some personal information from you along with the details of what you want to shift.

When you’ve recognized resistance around a particular ‘problem’ and can’t let go of the negative emotions that arise as a result, you’ll want to address the issue with EFT.

Remember, EFT is not about making your negative emotions go away, it’s about accepting them. When you tap, just imagine you’re sending love and acceptance to those negative emotions. Sending them exactly what they need because they didn’t come from this situation, they came from a previous situation and you needed something in that previous situation… like love and acceptance… and you’re giving it to yourself by doing this tapping.  

Answers to the following questions can be plugged into the mother-of-all EFT setup (MOAES) templates. If you've purchased a session, I will be looking for the answers clairvoyantly, so only answers to question 1. Problem is required, although answering all the questions helps you see that you can get answers for yourself as well. 

 This template is good to use when you’ve used the Resistance Log and yet, can’t seem to let go.  I recommend using a progression of healing tools outlined in my Quick Guide to transform ANYTHING you consider a 'problem'.      

Some questions may seem redundant and some irrelevant and can be skipped. This process is particularly useful when you’re dealing with other people who seem to be the problem, or causing you pain and anguish.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
State the physical or situational ‘problem’:
Either what you’re not doing as a result of this ‘problem’ or how/why you’re choosing the problem in general, or what you’re choosing that reflects the illusion of this problem:
What judgments are directed at others (or even yourself)? (If you were to let go of your judgments for a moment, what would that feel like? In other words, how can you let their stuff be their stuff?)
Your analysis of the symptoms of this ‘problem”, how it’s ‘your’ stuff, or how you feel about it.
How is the ego involved in this? (in other words, how are you making other people’s stuff (see judgments above) about you? It’s similar to your feelings about the matter, but meant to help you realize the ego is messing with your peace and that it’s not necessary. How are you being a victim?)
What do you need to heal this ‘problem’, or what do you need from someone else to feel better, or how would you feel without the problem? There may be a lot of things you need and you may discover more later. Write down all that apply:
Note: what you think you need from someone else is going to be your biggest block to healing. Once you recognize what you need from a noticing, observant position, not connected to the need itself, YOU can then send that part of you what it thinks it needs from someone else, or… and this is even better, ask God in a moment of prayer to fill you with that feeling. You might want to note how that feels.
How are you giving your power to someone else? (Think about how putting a label (when judging) on someone else perpetuates that)
How can you feel safe in being who you are and having what you need? (without someone else providing it or being who you need them to be)
It’s best to wait until you’re neutral (at zero point which allows you to pivot to the experience of your choosing) to determine what you want, but having an idea about the way you want to feel is most important here.
What affirmation can you come up with that reinforces your safety in not needing something from someone else?
What blessings can you send (silently is fine) to those who are the projection of stuff that has needed healing within you? How can you be grateful for what the situation has taught you? (note: forgiveness is a nice blessing that heals your own heart and has the potential to change the projection).

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