Transformational Healing Form

Part 2 of 3 of The Secret Formula

Determining the Desired Vibration

In questions 3 and 4, you're looking to determine how to access the vibration that creates your desire. The ultimate goal is to align you with YOU!

You might want to complete this part in another sitting. Neutralizing negative emotions will create a shift in the problem situation and that may be all that is necessary, but from a neutral standpoint… what I call zero point… you do have the opportunity to shift to an outcome of your choosing.

3. What is your DESIRED outcome? 

What is it you DO WANT? 

What new story do you desire for yourself? 

Other ways of looking at the question: How can you see the power in moving through or around the problem/challenge/obstacle? 

If you knew what ability it was enhancing or intending to create in you, what would that be? 

In other words, what ability, skill and/or attitude would be needed to create your desire? 

If this were a movie script you were writing, what would you learn from the 'problem' and how would you use that knowledge to step into a power you may not even know you have and create a happy ending? 

Once you have imagined that scenario, see that happy ending in your mind. 

You must know what you want, and that you can have it in order for it to manifest in the realm of physicality. 

If you have to, make something up here. 

This question is meant to empower you, but if you still feel weak, then make up a story that feels powerful and really get into the feeling of it. 

Notice how you may back off from imagining a certain outcome out of fear of change, etc. When you catch yourself in that, make sure you're super honest with yourself about your fears.  I personally force myself to sit in that fear or that resistance until it dissolves.

You may have to backtrack to the question on negative emotions in order to move through these fears, or jot that down and go through this process on that. 

ATTUNE to your desire and the power by imagining it with all your senses for a minute or two. 

Breathe that possibility in and then blow it out as if you’re blowing it into physical form. 

4. Describe the gratitude you feel in having your desire. 

The idea here is to change your vibration to that which is alignment with your desire. 

Then, feel grateful as if you already have your desire. 

This locks in the possibility, imprinting it in the ethers and increases in density when you see/feel/know (with gratitude) that it is yours (both the ability it creates and the ultimate outcome). 

Now state: ”And so it is”. This is the vibration that you want to try to maintain. 

Use your favorite tool to take you there. Affirmations, NLP, an EFT reframe (use the determined problem vibration above in the setup and the desire as a reframe), some kind of ritual of the same vibration, etc.  

Goto Steps 5 and 6 to get help from the universe and watch your manifestation unfold.