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Assess the Situation

When you have an uncomfortable or undesirable situation, first break it transformationdown to determine if it is your response to the situation that is making it as bad as it seems. Going through the bullet points below may help you become neutral about the situation, which is your place of power when it comes to manifesting what you wish for.

    • Think about what it is you would like to change.
      Write down any thoughts, ideas, images or stories that are related to this issue.

    • Ask youself "If I knew what judgments, beliefs, and opinions were operating in my mind to prevent me from experiencing what I want, what comes to mind?"

    • Ask yourself if any of that is actually true.
      Write down any thoughts or ideas that occur to you that indicate the above is NOT true.

    • Ask yourself what part of these judgments, opinions or beliefs seem to be true.
      Write down any thoughts, ideas or stories that come to mind.

    • Ask yourself if that is really true and write down any thoughts that occur to you indicating this is NOT true. Realize that it is never true unless you make it true!

    • Ask yourself where these judgments, opinions or beliefs were first created and write down what comes to mind.

    • Ask yourself "If I were to perceive the situation in a way that is more empowering, how could I interpret things?"

    • Now ask yourself, "If I were to begin resonating with a perspective that is more useful, and more empowering, how would that happen?"
      Notice and write down how you feel when you ask this question.