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Astral Projection Meditations


These astral projection meditations came from visions I had when doing astral projection meditationsMatrix Energetics.

When I help my clients with manifestations, I work with their goals as my intentions in doing the work.  I may then get an image of what they might do to help them get there.

I did that for myself this morning because I have not been able to astral project for a number of weeks, and these images came to me.  I assume they are meditations and so I am sharing them.  Maybe they will work for you.

Try not to fall asleep when you're doing these astral projection meditations. If you do, when you wake up, don't open your eyes and try to get back to that place of imaging yourself being pulled by that astral energy.

  1. Imagine the purple energy of the crown chakra spinning and then traveling down and expanding thru the body, all the way down to your feet.  As it travels slowly down through the body, it actually helps to loosen the astral body.

    This circular pattern then moves up the body, and as it does so, it creates a tube of energy around the body.  It looks like a tube connected to a saucer of purple energy, extending the tube as it travels upward on the body.  The swirling energy continues to travel upward, swirling and creating a vacuum effect as it travels upward, pulling on the astral body that has been loosened from the physical body.

    Continue watching this swirling purple energy as your body falls asleep.  Try to stay conscious as your astral body is pulled from your physical body.
  2. Imagine a turbulent colorful sky moving above you.  It looks like space with many different colored stars.  This energy is moving and pulling with great force and it’s drawing you up from your crown chakra.  Your astral body vaporizes a bit from the vibration as it is loosened from the physical body.

    As the sky moves it pulls at you from that funnel of energy energy that’s connected to your crown chakra and enveloping your entire body.

    Continue watching the funnel of energy and feeling the pull. 

I had been having trouble projecting for a quite a few weeks and normally don't use astral projection meditations, but when I tried this during an afternoon nap, I was able to get the beautiful scenes I often get when I don't quite project. This may work better in the 1-4:00 am time zone that I usually project in.

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