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We're all such big babies

See if you can put yourself in the shoes of He/She/Source who grantsbig babies your wishes.

Or think about when your own children whine and cry for something. When they do this and you give them what they want, don't you teach them to be spoiled brats? I admit I do this with my dog and practically no one else can stand to be around her.

In addition, do you really want to give when someone is whining and crying for something? Or do you just give them bare minimum just to make them and their whiny energy go away (or to appease some sort of guilt you have in yourself... which I can help you overcome)? That certainly is not receiving what you wish for in a positive way.

When is it the most fun to give? Contemplating on when you give easily will give you a clue as to how the Universe/Manifestation works.

Seems to me, we give most willingly when someone asks for something or states that they want it without being annoying about it... continuing to ask, etc... And one day you just surprise them with it.

The universe works the same way!

It wants to give you what you ask for but if you keep bugging it with needy/annoying energy, complaining about everything, not appreciating what its brought you so far, it's going to turn its back on you until you can learn to be appreciative and PATIENT.

In loving light,

Sundi Bright
Transformation Specialist