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Bonus Material

  • The Bright Future Weight Guide to Weight Loss
  • : Everyone always asks me what I do to lose weight and stay thin. Well, this is it!
  • The Bright Future Self Healing Guide: Healing physical issues takes a little more insight to resolving and this guide includes questions to ask yourself in order to help determine the underlying emotional cause of an illness.
  • Guide to Healing Intense Negative Emotions: Sometimes we go through periods of extreme emotional hardship. Whether it's depression, grief from the loss of a loved one, a relationship breakup, job change or other loss. It is important that we move past these periods of difficulty so that we can "create" the life we want. This guide can help you do that.
  • Powerful NEW Manifestation Worksheet: This is a BIG bonus. You can either replace your current daily page with this form to manifest a specific outcome in any one day, or use it to create a specific outcome in a time of difficulty. You might even adapt this to the major goals you have written down in Section I of your workbook. The possibilities are endless with this form. Be creative!
  • The Bright Future Twist on Using EFT: I've modified EFT a slightly in certain cases to tap in an affirmation or positive statement. However, when Gary Craig explains that the tapping "clears" negatives, and at the same time says that it's all about intention anyway, I had to do it in a way that made sense to my IT Professional mentality. This guide also contains some very powerful tips for using EFT when you're doing step 3 of your workbook and visualizing what you want.
  • New "What-I-Want" Page: This new page incorporates the technique described in the new manifestation worksheet. It also allows you to import a digital picture into the little box on the front side and a big box on the back side.
  • Example "What-I-Want" Page: This is an example of how you would complete this worksheet.
  • Image Board Page: This page allows you to click in the boxes and import digital photos.
  • High Vibrations Image Board: Why not create an image board of the things that raise your vibrations? Kids, pets, etc. Like the image board, this page allows you to click in the box and import a digital photo.
  • I intend to add lots of material to this section, so check back often!