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Change Your Story

What story are you telling?

Sometimes we can’t help to tell a story that seems obvious.  My story used to be “It seems like no matter what I do, I can’t make a lot of money.  I think I’m following the law-of-attraction, but I’m getting nowhere.  Whether I work hard, or think hard, I just can’t seem to get anywhere“.

After listening to these 2 audio clips, I changed my story.  It became:  “I have a lot of ideas.  Things are falling into place.  With each idea that I take action on, the more the universe is aligning to bring me what I want.  I have a great capacity to come up with great ideas.   I am excited about the possibilities and what is yet to come.  I am looking forward to the idea that will make a difference and I’m enjoying the process along the way.“

So take the time to notice how you’re telling your story and change it if necessary. 

This simple exercise will make a huge difference for you!

Love & Light,

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