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Coaching Testimonial - C. Noble, WA

Hiring an abundance coach is similar to hiring a personal trainer.  They can educate, provide motivation and help you achieve your goals. This page includes the testimony of one client after just one session with me.

With a goal of providing the best service I can, after a session, I often send the following questions to my clients to see how they did. Here are the answers from one client after just one coaching session. If my client's name is underlined, he/she has allowed me to link to their email address so you can contact them with any questions you may have about their experience with me.

Can you describe your experience during your session? Working with Sundi is easy! We did a phone session and our exchange was light and fun. She had a good sense of what I needed to hear to get closer to the bottom of an issue.
What benefits did you notice immediately after your session(s)? After a couple of rounds on the same issue, the charge I had at first, was gone. It's interesting to try and feel the anger or just wasn't there.
What was the single biggest result or benefit you've noticed since your session(s)? Hope.
Have you noticed any secondary benefits since your session(s)? Anticipation of the next sessions! I look forward to great positive changes in my outlook, decisions, plans and goals.
Has the coaching made a difference in your life? How so? I've just begun with Sundi, however, since I did get immediate results, I have hope that I really can get past my limiting beliefs and create the life I really want to live! So yes, even this little bit of coaching is making a difference.