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Learn by doing and shifting NOW

creating abundance

What if you could magically transform your life by following 6 simple steps?

This course teaches you how to transform your life by making a habit out of 6 simple steps.

You will see your life start to improve immediately by doing this process and get better and better every day.

Special exercises help you get into the vibration of allowing and teach you super secret tricks that give you that special edge necessary to transform your world.

With this package you will notice positive shifts and transformations in your life, giving you the awareness that you do create your life and that you can create the life you WANT.  

If you are not seeing your life consistently change for the better, what you need is the knowledge & practice that helps you make a habit out of making your life great.  This program makes it fun and easy.

I offer the program with coaching or as a self-study package.

What you'll get with either package:

  • Step-by-step Instructions on how to shift into a consistant vibration of peace, happiness and prosperity
  • Guidelines to help you achieve best results
  • A daily form with 6 essencial steps in a format that you allows you to type in the fields and print for your journal
  • Example pages
  • A special bonus to help you clear limiting beliefs
  • 30 days of exclusive emails that will give you tips, ideas, and exercises to help discover the blocks that keep you from all that you want, in addition to super secret tools that will help you transform your life
  • 1 week of free email coaching to make sure you're on the right track

Although the possibilities are endless, some of the things that will start changing for you on a daily basis include the following:

Successful meetings More Energy Relationship patterns
Eating patterns Health symptoms Money issues
Motivation Appearance issues Social patterns
Negative emotions Financial patterns Spiritual awakening

This program was created from my subscription program that included coaching and energy work. When many of my clients were seeing results by doing the exercises for themselves, and because I can only take on a limited number of coaching clients, I created a self-study course. You will receive all the same super-secret emails that those who have also purchased the coaching package receive... you just won't get the personalized support. See Lorraine's testimonial below... once I helped her get the form right, she achieved significant shifts without my personalized help. Instructions have been updated so that you get the form right without my help.

Once you sign up for this package, you will be emailed a packet which includes everything you need to get started. 

Start transforming your life today!


My intention with this program was to deal with being unsociable, self sabotage, and low self esteem. I believe and see that things have dramatically changed for the better in these areas. Thank you for providing this service. I am grateful and feel that what I wanted to release has been released and I have the tools to stay moving forward.  I feel revived, uplifted, and released from a longtime bondage of self sabotage and unworthiness. I feel and know that I am made new.

-Lorraine, Texas

I am using the steps that you told me. Each day is becoming better.  I feel the positive energy permeating my body. Now I am more happy and feel that I am on the right path to achieve my goals.

-Leart, Albania

After years of feeling unhappy with my job, my weight, my attitude, my life, I finally realized I needed help.  Sundi’s program and daily feedback guided me into such a different and amazing place!  Not only have I lost 20 pounds, but I have found an amazing new job!  I would recommend Sundi’s program to ANYONE seeking help and guidance to make a lasting transformation.  Thank you Sundi!  I will be forever grateful!

-Sheri, Illinois

Sundi is very talented, intuitive and effective at helping people.  She has a fantastic and very effective program that quickly shifts not only one's stress level about a situation but also the actual outcome.  Her daily program gave me immediate stress relief concerning many specific situations.   Her feedback on clearing negative feelings/beliefs was spot on and extremely helpful.  As a coach, Sundi was not only incredibly caring, she was also very talented in looking at situations that were especially upsetting for me and finding just the right EFT statements that melted the tension away. VERY intuitive. On top of all of that, with the program's steps, she taught me to quickly get out of being in a negative state and focus on what I DO want.  With my change of  focus and vibration along with her incredible energy work added to the mix, I experienced huge shifts in the outcomes of situations. She is amazing with her energy work, at times it was almost spooky when I didn't even know she was scanning yet she saw exactly what was going on with me, emotionally and physically. She was spot on about both major distressing family stuff and very serious health issues.  I know I've said amazing already, but....Sundi’s work is amazing!

-Mary, California


creating abundance

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