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EFT for People Problems

How many times have you allowed someone’s words, deeds or actions to lay heavy on your mind for hours or days? eft for problem people

When someone has disturbed you to the point that you can’t stop thinking about it, you might want to try the following EFT statements to clear those emotions. 

This EFT routine should help you if you have experienced any of the following: 

  • A partner did something you didn’t like
  • You had a disagreement with a friend 
  • Maybe someone you don’t even know (and who doesn’t know you!) crammed their opinions down your throat when you were pretty sure you were doing okay without them.

It is important that you forgive people for their stuff and accept yourself the way you are.  I love EFT because it’s a great tool for clearing the negative emotions that have you in a thinking frenzy. 

If the thought of forgiving someone that has annoyed you is unthinkable, then you may prefer to follow along with a very different version of this routine on my YouTube Channel.  Warning: this is an exaggerated, humorous way of using EFT for the issue.  Do not take too seriously... simply enjoy a shift in a “overly confident” sort of way. 

If you prefer a serious, more touchy/feely EFT routine, then follow along below:

Say the following statements while tapping on the side of your hand:

Even though I feel disrespected by so-and-so, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and the PATH THAT I HAVE CHOSEN FOR MYSELF, and I accept them for having their own path and forgive them even if it’s different than my own.

Even though others may upset me, I love and accept myself and realize my chosen path is right for me and I let go of what others feel I need even when I didn’t ask and I focus on what I want in this situation, knowing that this confrontation has made that more clear, for which I am grateful.

Even though everyone is different, I deeply and completely love and accept myself for who I am and what I have to offer and I am grateful that the contrast in this situation has given me clarity as to what I want and I focus on that with complete confidence and knowing that I will have it.

Now tap 5-7 times on the points indicated while saying the phrases below:

Eyebrow point: Clearing the disrespect I feel

Side of eye: Realizing that is an ego thing

Under the eye:  With the ego stuff dropped, I can be who I really am, which is always wonderful

Under the nose: Clearing the way I allow people and situations to make me feel

Chin point: Dropping all the ego stuff

Collar bone: Dropping all the ego stuff

Under the arm: Negative emotions are mostly ego stuff

Thumb point: Or simple indicators of what I don’t want

Index finger: In which case I can decide what I do want and focus on that

Middle finger: After I drop the ego stuff

Ring finger: And feel great about myself and my ability to carve out a path that’s right for me

Baby finger: Feeling free to be me

Karate chop point: And love who I am

If you’re not familiar with EFT, you can learn more here

Love & Light,

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