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EFT: What It Is and How To Do It

To put it simply, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a 3 step process (actually 4, but you do one of the steps twice) to emotional healing.

1) Overcoming Psychological Reversal. This is what happens when we think we want something, but deep down we have a reason for holding onto a negative belief, bad habit or other pattern. For instance, the woman who says she wants to lose weight, but deep down feels that she won't be liked by other women if she loses weight. We're also instilling the feeling of accepting ourselves no matter what, which is so important in moving forward.

2) Clearing the negative emotion from the meridians in your body. Negative emotions are stuck somewhere in your meridian system and causing a malfunction in your energy system. Although a certain negative emotion could be stuck in one or more of the meridians, we use this technique to tap on each meridian while reminding ourselves of which negative emotion we're attempting to clear. Often times we can stop right here and have the negativities clear. In the really tough cases, you'll want to move on to Step 3.

3) Accessing different parts of the brain where the core could lie. This is a silly looking little part of the procedure called the gamut procedure. It's purpose is to train other parts of the brain and instill the new notion that you do not need this negative emotion.

Before you do the procedure, you're going to rate the intensity of your negative emotion on a scale of 0 to 10. Once through the procedure, you'll re-evaluate... if you no longer have any intensity, you'll stop. If you still have some negative feelings, you'll either decide if it switched to something else and do EFT on that, or you'll do EFT on "this remaining issue".

It looks something like this (you'll need Adobe Flash Player to view):


If you'd like more clarity on how and why EFT works, you can download the manual for free at Gary Craig's website at

Click here for a worksheet that allows you to record, clear and record the progress your making toward complete emotional healing.

The Bright Future Workbook is the perfect tool for recording your negative emotions on a daily basis and then clearing them. You'll be able to look back over previous days to see just how much progress you've made in the way of becoming more of an abundance magnet!