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In order to connect with your energy, I do need some personal information from you. I also need to know what you want to work on.

Although you may experience shifts in many areas, it is best to focus on one thing that you would like to transform.

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If there were a way to sum up all of the problems or challenges you want to work on in this subscription period into one phrase or sentence, what would that be? You will have the best results from this program if you are focused on one particular issue.

I will be looking at the underlying patterns that have created an undesireable situation and sending healing to each of those patterns. Depending on how long you've had the problem or how severe the issue is, there may be a lot of detective work to do to heal the problem to the point of seeing it completely transform.

You will see shifts in many areas of your life during this subscription period as these patterns are healed. It may take some work to get the most prominent "problem" to transform completely, but know that we are healing your energy as a whole and this will benefit you in many ways.

* One word or phrase describing your Problem / Challenge:

Although manifestation of what you want may be accomplished simply by healing the patterns that keep you away from it, you should always know what you want. At least knowing the essence of what you want or the way you want to feel will give you something to focus on instead of your problems.

During the energy work, spirit may come forth with ideas or other information as to steps you may need to take to help you achieve your goals. This word should be related to the word above. Most likely the opposite of the problem. In other words, if "lack" is your word for above, "abundance" may be the word you use here.

One word or phrase to describe what you want:

If you have not already purchased your session, you can do so here. Your session will be performed at a distance Monday - Friday between 1:00 and 4:00pm, EST, although you will start to see shifts even before your scheduled session.


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