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Free Session

I am offering a free session, 30 minutes in length, to anyone who can give me 5 referrals.  Because I’d rather provide excellent service than advertise in other ways, I am making this offer for a limited period of time only. 

The people you refer don’t necessarily have to purchase anything from me and I won’t call them unless you indicate that I should by providing their phone number.  I will, however, send them an email letting them know you care, and explaining my services.  I will also send them my bright blips free of charge and will mail them a brochure.  To receive a free 30 minute session, all you have to do is know 5 people who could use some help! 

Who do you know who is experiencing any of the following issues?:

  • health problems
  • depression
  • any kind of loss (job, loved one, relationship, etc.)
  • performance anxiety (sports, job, other)
  • addictions or cravings
  • fears / phobias
  • PTSD
  • lack of abundance
  • interested in personal development

Provide me with the names, email and physical addresses of 5 people who could use help in some area of their lives (and couldn’t we all use a little help) and you will get a free 30 minute phone session to work on anything you want to work on.  The people you refer don't have to purchase anything, but you will be able to schedule your appointment when you give me 5 names along with their physical and email addresses.  You may also gift your free session to any one of the people you refer. 

To schedule your free session today, either email me the names, email addresses and physical address or complete the form at:

Love & Light,

Sundi M. Bright




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