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Sundi Bright

Happy Halloween!!
Did you know that fear is one of the most prominent patterns that block us from living our true potential?
Therefore, in the spirit of Halloween, I am offering fear-busting sessions for the low price of 1+0+3+1 = $50.

With each fear that you overcome, you expand and move closer to your true potential and all that you desire in life.

In this special session, I will look for the fear patterns that reside in your energy field, along with the events and/or limiting beliefs that have created them. As I encounter each pattern, I will send healing so as to transform them in a way that creates a positive shift in your life experience!

For this special session you may:

  • specify a particular fear you want to work on,
  • you may indicate what you wish to manifest so that I may find and transform the fears (or other patterns) that are blocking you from manifesting that desire,
  • or I will simply look for and send healing to all the fear patterns I find in your energy field.

All work is done at a distance, so you need not be present (or take time out of your busy schedule) to experience the benefits of the clairvoyant healing work that I do! Once you make your purchase, you will receive a form that provides me with the information I need to connect to your energy field and do the work. I will schedule your session, give you a day and an approximate time that it is occurring and then email an extensive report of your session after I do the work.

Offer ends November 15th, 2014!

It would be my honor to assist you on your journey! Purchase your session now and I should be able to fit you into my schedule within the next week!

In case you weren't aware, I offer a number of ways to help you experience positive transformation in your life experience...

Transform your life today!

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It can be fun and enlightening to discover and shift the patterns that keep you away from who you really are. This type of healing will create positive shifts in many areas of your life and the possibilities for your evolution, expansion and spiritual awareness are unlimited and I hope to have the opportunity to assist you on your journey.

In loving light,

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Transformation Specialist