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Do you know someone experieincing hair loss? You may be able to help them...

Healing Hair Loss

In my work, I look at all the factors that have contributed to a problem and often hair losstimes piece together the gist of the issue. Although having a single theme as a basis to a problem is not always the case, it is enlightening to know how it has been created in one person so as to pass that information on in a way that might help others. And since I have had many individuals find my site because of the page I have on balding, I wanted to pass this information on.

Please note that although there may be one central theme that has contributed to a problem, there may still be more aspects at play. In my work I send healing to each aspect. I also looking for the pattern (belief, thought process, energy) that is in alignment with your desire and energetically shift it to the more beneficial pattern.

Hair loss was an issue with a recent 30 year old male. The gist of what I saw was "losing". I saw it in relationships, addictions he had that distracted him from the issue, shame, etc. His unconscious feeling of "losing" was manifesting in hair loss... A way for his spirit to try to tell him what was going on and that those thoughts would not benefit him.

By sending healing/shifting about 20 contributing patterns that created the feelings of "losing", he has told me that he is no longer experiencing the loss of handfuls of hair as he ws before the session and has also dropped bad habits and feels more at ease in himself. And doesn't it make sense that when you no longer feel like you're losing, that you suddenly start winning?!

The purpose of this email is to provide you with a tip on healing hair loss if this is an issue for you (or anyone you know).

If you are experiencing hair loss, you might consciously think of all the things you've done so far as seeds that have been planted and will soon GROW. Rather than losses, they are learnings. Learnings that have been planted and will soon grow into a wonderful harvest. This may be hair, and/or otherwise!

Use The Secret Formula to transform patterns & problems you are aware of, use Consciousness 101 to learn how to become conscious of the patterns that are blocking you from your desire(s), and use my personal services to clairvoyantly find & heal those patterns, allowing for and aligning you with your desire.
All bases covered!

I would love to have the opportunity to assist you on your journey.


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In loving light,

Sundi Bright
Transformation Specialist
& Clairvoyant Healing Practitioner

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Sundi Bright