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Getting to the subconscious stuff

Some things you may want to to ask yourself which will bring ideas as to what you can work on today.

  1. Am I experiencing any negative emotions? Even daily irritants keep you away from the high vibrating state that attracts good things to you.
  2. What can, or do I need to do to move closer to my goal?  What holds me back from doing it? 
  3. What needs to change in me to bring me closer to what I want?  Do I need to be more social, more disciplined, more focused, more patient?
  4. What needs to change out there to bring me closer to what I want?  Does my significant other need to be more supportive?  Do people need to stop interrupting me? 
  5. How can these things change? 
  6. Do I need more trust?  A better attitude? 
  7. Do I deserve it? 
  8. Would something bad happen if I got this?  Would I be too busy, lose friends, have TOO much attention?
  9. Am I good enough? What do I think I need to be good enough? 
  10. If a health issue, what physical symptoms am I experiencing?  When did they start? If I didn't have them, who would I be?
  11. Am I holding on to a past trauma?
  12. How can I be better? Are there skills that need improvement?
  13. Am I holding onto resentments? Is there someone I need to forgive?
  14. Am I receiving secondary gain with this issue such as much-needed rest, disability compensation, revenge or sympathy?
  15. When there is action to take toward your goal, why not use the formula to make that action successful? For example, if you are to run an ad to promote your business, first doing the steps in the formula can help you ensure the ad is successful.



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