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Need to Know Sessions

Have you ever wondered WHY you are dealing with a certain problem? knowledge is powerExactly what the underlying emotional issue is that has contributed to the creation of your problem?

Although my goal in developing my clairvoyance was to be a better healer, I realize that many of you are perfectly capable of using EFT to do the tapping to heal the underlying cause of your issue. You just need to know what that core aspect is!

For example, recently I received an email from someone who was experiencing symptoms of a-fib and wanted to know what, in my experience, was the emotional cause of a-fib. Well, since I didn't have any experience with this particular issue, I clairvoyantly "looked" to see what, in his case, was the core issue. What I saw was him grasping at love but was feeling it was going nowhere and it involved a woman with large, voluptuous lips. He replied that this resonated well with a very personal and private circumstance and was helpful because he could now do his own tapping.

This got me thinking that I could help others in this way. And so, for at least a trial period, I am offering this service to others. It could be very interesting to learn the why's of many things! I am particularly interested in why my cotton tops always get little holes in them in the front, at the bottom. I rarely take the time to look at anything for myself, but might give you an example of the possibilities for this work. Since the possibilities are endless, and the price is right, I'm going to start off doing this off-line, at a distance, as I do my other sessions so not to be inundated with phone calls. After you purchase the need-to-know session, you will receive a form that will give me all the information I need so as to pose questions to spirit that will give me the answers that will help you shift into healing (if applicable).