The Secret Formula


The Secret Formula iPhone App!

Soon to be in an iTunes Store near you!

You've asked for it... an app that guides you into the vibration to transform problem situations into positive experiences and to manifest your desires!

And you got it!

I had to pull out the ol' left-brained, technical skills to make it happen, but to be honest, I wanted it too... so I was motivated!

Is there something you want to manifest? Complete the DailyPage form right from your phone as it guides you into the right vibration and then submit your request to the universe!

Is there a situation that is bothering you? The 6 steps contained in this app will guide you to a state-of-mind that gives you access to positive change!

Use it to set your day up for success. It only takes about 10 minutes and you'll actually start to love getting up in the morning to use this tool to help you make it a great day! Since I workout in the morning, as I warm up on the bike, I warm up my mental vibration as well.

The possibilities are endless! With this formula in your purse or pocket, anytime you're experiencing an uncomfortable sitaution, open the app, enter the information you're prompted for and watch your situation transform!

With this formula available to so many more people, it will change my business a bit, so before this app hits iTunes, I want to make you a special offer.


the secret formula iphone app

75 session offer


Special Offer

Because I will be doing more writing and developing apps for different platforms, I will have less time to spend doing transformative healing sessions for individuals and therefore, will have to raise my rates. The $45 intro session offer will also go away.

So before this app is available on iTunes... which could be any time within the next 10 days, I am offering you a transformative healing session at the discounted rate of $75, which is $50 off my normal rate of $125.

The Secret Formula is a wonderful tool for transforming problem situations, but when you know you have blocks to manifesting certain desires (yet you don't know what they are), I can help by clairvoyantly looking for these patterns. For example, in one recent client who complained of bad breath, I saw that there was someone "in his face" that he was subconsciously repelling. Sending healing to this situation actually changed the person that was in his face!

Use The Secret Formula to transform patterns & problems you are aware of, use Consciousness 101 to learn how to become conscious of the patterns that are blocking you from your desire(s), and use my personal services to clairvoyantly find & heal those patterns, allowing for and aligning you with your desire.
All bases covered!

I would love to have the opportunity to assist you on your journey.



In loving light,

Sundi Bright
Transformation Specialist
& Clairvoyant Healing Practitioner

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Sundi Bright