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December 2014

Insights from the Divine


money insights from the divineThis week, money issues are most on the minds of my clients. App submissions and personal healing sessions have revealed money patterns that may affect us all and I wanted to share those patterns in case it can help you.

When I receive more app submissions and session requests for a certain problem than I do other problems, I like to check for a global pattern that may be contributing to that "problem".

In this case I checked and found that holiday stress is creating financial concerns for all of us. People are stressed about the holidays and the negative energy of holiday over-spending, and other stresses are contributing to what I see is a growing ball of anxiety that comes from the subconscious mind of enough people that it actually permeates into the fields of the rest of us, lowering our vibration and therefore attracting more of the same. To protect yourself from this energy, keep yourself in the highest vibration possible. Listen to uplifting music, exercise, dance, and/or ask for protection from the angels. Remember what the holidays are supposed to be about and feel the gratitude of celebrating with your friends and family this holiday season.

Please note that this is the global pattern that I looked for before writing this newsletter. If financial lack and struggle are a prominent experience for you, you may want to schedule a session to see what “your” personal subconscious patterns are that have contributed to the creation of any experience of lack and how they can be transformed. In addition to patterns that affect us all, we have very personal patterns that also contribute to the creation of lack in our experience and block the manifestation of abundance.

While keeping my client's anonymous, I'd like to share a couple of examples of personal patterns I've seen in others that have contributed to money problems. These examples may resonate with you and/or provide insights into how you may transform your own financial concerns.

In one session, a single mother of 3 was blocking the manifestation of a consistent income for herself by victimizing herself in an attempt to influence others to help her. There is nothing wrong with receiving the help of others, but the vibration of "victim" is a lower vibration that will create experiences that match the vibration of victim, "poor" me, etc. One might label this pattern dependence-on-others for the sake of clearing the energy using EFT tapping. In a session, I'm able to send healing light to the pattern, and/or look for the pattern that would be in alignment with financial abundance and work to shift resonance to the more beneficial pattern.

For a different client, I have seen that too much thinking about money, therefore feeling the lack, binds up the solar plexus chakra… your point of personal power. The message here would be to stop thinking and asking and then noticing! Similarly, I have also seen that constantly praying for money generates more feelings of lack which manifests lack. Use The Secret Formula app to make your request and then let it go! This client emailed me after her session:

"That session resonated big time. I spend so much of my free time and time that I could be connecting and in the moment with my family [this had been the message from spirit that was in aligment with her desire], over analyzing and "working" on how to be more in the flow that it seems like I block the flow.
Literally that evening at work a shift occurred and the next morning a patient prepaid for 24 sessions of my favorite money maker in the office. Then I focused on being in the moment with my family and had a great time.
Sunday my dad gave me and my husband an unexpected large financial gift! So I feel like the flow was opened up and I am working on being more in a state of allowing. "

In another client, I saw a subconscious belief pattern that indicated that if you have more, the material things that you gain will cause you to get fat and get stuck. This was the image that was shown and though it may not resonate with many of us, the "truth" that I was shown to give my client can pertain to all of us!

The truth is that the wind is at our backs, pushing us forward at all times.
It is only when we resist, that we get stuck!

I am seeing a direct pipeline to the Divine and all we have to do is hold out our hands to receive. In other words, be in the vibration of receiving.

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I would love to help you find and heal the personal patterns that block you from financial abundance. And for the holidays, I'm offering you a discount of $47 OFF my standard, clairvoyant healing sessions. Until January 2nd, 2015, you can receive insights and healing that transforms your life experience for the better! All for the special rate of $78.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey!


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In loving light,

Sundi Bright
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& Clairvoyant Healing Practitioner

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