The Secret Formula

When you can't seem to muster up a positive attitude...

I know how hard it can be. Sometimes it seems can't muster up a positive attitudedarn near impossible to be positive when things aren't the way you want them to be.

But instead of complaining and worrying and focusing on what you don't want, (and therefore manifesting more of it) whenever you're frustrated, try one or more of the following statements instead...

  • I'll be happy when this gets better
  • I wish for this to be better,
  • God, please bring me something better,
  • I'm glad this is getting better,
  • I know this is gonna get better,
  • I choose for this to get better

Keep saying it over and over again if you have to... until it becomes a habit for you to look to something better whenever things aren't as you want them to be.

By using this simple concept, I've seen things get dramatically better for people who "seem" to have a lot of issues.


EFT Corner

Try the following EFT statements to help you see that things will get better:

- Even though I can't seem to muster up a positive attitude, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

- Even though I just don't feel like being positive right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and look forward to things getting better.

- Even though it seems like things will never be better, I accept myself and the ebb and flow of life and look forward to the flow.

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Featured Client

Manu of the United Kingdom experienced an incredibly fast shift in his love life as a result of this work.

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What's New

I am now clearing, healing and shifting more of the patterns that block you from your desire in a single session!

There is now the potential to move closer into alignment with what you want, therefore allowing it's manifestation to materialize much more quickly!

I hope to have the opportunity to further assist you on your journey.



In loving light,

Sundi Bright
Transformation Specialist
& Clairvoyant Healing Practitioner

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Sundi Bright