<h1>Creating Romantic Encounters  </h1>

Creating Romantic Encounters

How a low-cost transformative healing session helped Manu find love

Creating Romantic Encounters


I am grateful to Manu for allowing me to publicize his personal experience. Although I get alot of positive feedback, not everyone is willing to have personal experiences like this broadcast across the internet.creating romantic encounters

Manu came to me with the desire to enhance his relationship skills regarding women. What I did was simply uncover the Manu that has no problem attracting a woman.

Here is his testimonial. Manu is originally from Bulgaria, now living in the UK.

Immediate Shifts

Manu"My name is Manu and I want to say that I was blown away by the speed, effectiveness and depth of the experience with Sundi’s session. The first effects were INSTANT, right after filling in the form and the greatest result I got on the FOURTH DAY! Today is the 16th day since I applied for the session and things are getting better over time."



"I was reminded of the power of the remote positive influence by a recent personal experience and I decided to turn to a specialist in this field for my health issues. I came across Sundi’s website when searching for a psychological explanation for a certain disease. I had several health issues and didn’t know for what exactly to ask, but when I started filling in the forms another thing emerged as a thing that I actually felt most important for this specific moment and this was relationships. It’s a long story, but I’ll sum it up with simply wanting to find the right person for me at that moment even if it is not deep and “serious” thing. I wrote exactly what I wanted and submitted the form. I felt relieved and went into the kitchen to have some chat and eat together with my brother. And it was at this moment, just few minutes after, when I felt the first result! (I read before this in the website that healing starts from the moment of filling in the form, but thought that this is more symbolic expression.) I felt very happy from inside and I even started laughing without having a reason. This feeling was unique and different from the feeling of relief and it was something that I hadn't had for quite some time. After that I did a small thing that I knew I wouldn’t have done if I wasn’t in a good mood and after that I fell asleep for a quick nap. I woke up with crystal clear memory of the dream that I had during the nap and the dream expressed the way I was feeling these days. That definitely was something quite unusual. I never go to bed at this time of the day and wake up with a clear memory of a meaningful dream, so I knew with certainty that it should have been connected only with me filling in the form. After this I went to two clubs, where I usually go to have some fun. I had good times there before, but this time I felt better than ever and had the most fun. I even have some pictures from the night that show some of those moments. Once again I connected this with me applying for the session (it didn’t even started on this same evening – I only applied for it). In the next 3 days nothing remarkable happened and on the fourth day I had great result. It was already getting late at night and on this day I usually went out, but this time I felt tired and thought of going to bed earlier in order to have more energy during the day. I hesitated for a moment, so I decided to ask my intuition and turned to my inner guide and asked what is better to do. I felt like there could be someone, who might enjoy my company at the club, so I decided to go. I went there and I met a woman. Things developed pretty fast and we later spent the whole weekend together and had lots of fun. There were few things that happened at once in the beginning, which made me get the strong feeling of very easy and fast development and once again I made a note of it as unusual, so I am certain that it has connection with Sundi’s involvement in this process. I felt more at ease over time about this relationship."



"I want to strongly underline the depth of the sessions that Sundi is doing. I haven’t seen anything similar to this till now. Every problem stems from a certain model of thinking. Louise Hayes has given in her book “Heal Your Body” a table with the most common diseases, the thoughts that lead to them and the new model/thought that has to be adopted in order to root out this problem. For me personally, adopting the new positive believe/thinking/model is the ultimate cure for a certain condition, so it is crucial. But this table is quite concise and gives just one general idea of each health condition. Sundi in comparison approaches this very same root of the problem from many different angles! And all of this is done personally for each separate case. And she does the diagnostics and the healing simultaneously! With such kind of deep, personal approach you can be sure that you will have an excellent service and solid, long lasting results for the thing that you are asking."



"There’s one thing that I definitely felt uncomfortable about. And this is the symbolically low price for this kind of service. If all people appreciated inner change as much as or higher than the outer, people like Sundi would have the same or higher fees than plastic surgeons. It is simply inexplicable fortune for the majority of people to be able to afford such kind of service.



Thank YOU, Manu!


Love & Light,

Sundi M. Bright
Psychic / Medium / Shaman / Law-of-Attraction Coach

Helping to facilitate transformation by accessing the state of possibilities.

  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner
  • Certified Psychic / Medium
  • EFT Cert-I Practitioner
  • Certified Psychic Counselor
  • Certified Angel Card Reader™
  • Certified Realm Reader™
  • Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection
  • Ordained Minister

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