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Pet Healing

Example of a Distance Pet Session


Below is the response from a client after doing a 2nd pet session with her 11pet session year German Shepard mix. The first session was done with my client on the phone and her dog nearby. The 2nd session was done off-line, at a distance and a report emailed to my client.


Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 4:42 PM
Subject: Re: Sierra

Hi Sundi-

I appreciate all your insight and feedback.  I have been very happy about Sierra’s recovery after her first session.  Her energy level has been really high and she seems to becoming much more active again. I don’t know if that came across.  It thrills me to see her puppy-like attitude again!

Regarding Insights:
- There are 2 plants she likes to dig next to and hide her bones or treats sometimes.  One is a rose bush and the other is an Indian Hawthorne.
- She used to play tug a lot with a plush animal she had.  It has since been decommissioned because of wear and I couldn’t find a replacement she liked.  I’ll keep a look out for a new one since it came up as something she likes.  We usually play chase but she loses interest quickly.
- I am feeding her raw food now and she gobbles it up.  She used to let the dry food sit out and would finally eat it.  I will put out some dry food at night, maybe she is getting hungry or wants variety.

Regarding Healing:
- The ear coming up makes sense because she was still shaking her head like her ears were bothering her but not near as much as before.
- It is not surprising that the tailbone area came up because sometimes she sits funny like it may be stiff or aching.  However, her movement when walking, trotting, and getting up have seemed good.
- Perhaps the thigh thing was a result of the tailbone area irritation.  There have been times when I thought she might be walking funny but then I watch and I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary.
- I will take her to get her glands checked out.  She used to go to the groomer regularly but she had to sit next to the dryer for a long time and it seemed to stress her out so I stopped.
- One day last week she kind of hobbled on her front leg a little but it didn’t seem to persist.  At the time, I couldn’t tell which one but I did notice her licking her paws from the joint down.  Sometimes she licks her front paws as a grooming routine so I kind of wrote it off.  Maybe that’s what you tuned into. 



From: Sundi Bright
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 4:03 PM
To: Jackie
Subject: Sierra

Hi Jackie,

I just finished Sierra’s session.
Although this is not something I normally do, I thought I’d check to see if Sierra had anything she wanted to show me (or tell you).
These are the images I got:
Looks like a hibiscus plant… and I see digging next to it. 
Does she like tug of war?  I’m seeing an image of you playing tug of war with her.
And then I just see her curled up and I think she wants to say she likes to be near you. 
She also showed me her food dish.  I thought you had said you were feeding her raw food, but what I see is dry food.  I’m not sure she likes it.  I’m not claiming to be an animal psychic… I’m more about healing and yet these images came up so I thought I’d check to see if they mean anything to you.

For the healing…
The first area I’m drawn to is the right ear… down deep in the canal.  It looks like a bend in the ear canal or a vein there.  It looks jagged like it could be damaged.  And so healing is sent until it looks smooth and straight (actually it has a slight curve), but no longer a pinch or a bend.  I then see energy release from the area followed by a white light coming back into the area to sooth and heal it. 

I’m then drawn to the area of her tail bone and it’s showing me red, and radiating so my guess it’s been an area of pain for her.  Angels are called in to help as I see some sort of protrusion and I don’t know what to do with it, and so I let the angels do their work until I no longer see the protrusion. 

And something seems to be an irritant lower on her right thigh.  The image is something sticking in the area but that could just be an indicator to work on it and so I do, cleansing and removing the irritant with white light until the area no longer looks red, and radiating (which is how I’m shown an area of pain or irritation). 

Do her anal glands get cleaned by a groomer?  I’m not sure if the image I’m being seen is of them being cleaned or of them needing to be cleaned… it looks like they’re being cleaned, but I’m not sure that is possible to do with energy. ??

Under the right front leg is showing up again, possibly what I would call the elbow.  I seem to remember this showing up the last time and yet you said there’s nothing going on there.  A test comes up with bone, and it looks like some calcium deposits, and so that is dissolved and white light send for healing. 

Let me know how she’s doing and if those images mean anything to you.


In loving light,

Sundi Bright
Life Coach & Alternative Healing Practitioner




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