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Reading / Healing Work

The following notes are from a session done with a client experiencing relationship issues.

I do not need to know the details of your situation to do the healing work. What I really want from you most is one word that represents the [problem] and one word that represents your [desire]. This works best in an initial session, as it allows me to keep my own biases and limiting beliefs out of the equation and simply report back with what spirit shows me and facilitate healing. We will have contact after your initial session and if you wish to tell me more about the [problem], you may. If things have not been resolved doing the energy work, based on the information you provide in the follow up, I will know more what to look for and send healing to.

The key to healing is asking the right questions.

In an initial session, I have standard questions that I may ask and then expand on that if guided and I give you a report of the questions I ask, the images that show up and how healing is sent to the pattern.

I will indicate what the image is that I see just in case you have a different interpretation.   I am being shown patterns for the purposes of healing.  The patterns may not mean anything to anybody, but are simply there to represent "something" that needs healing and so that is what occurs.   The main thing that you need to do is NOTICE how things are different in your experience.  If you are participating in my Consciousness 101 program, you know what I'm talking about and you will benefit most by following the steps in this program.  Healing images are often a message and/or guidance for you.  For example, if I I'm shown an image that means "let go", you may have to take steps to do so, although the healing work will make that easier than it would be otherwise. 

In any case, my transcribed treatment notes for one client are indicated below.  [Disconnect] represents the problem and [connectedness] represents the solution.

What does this [disconnect] pattern look like?
Looks like negative energy hanging over the scene, or even a “bad man” energy.  Archangel Michael removes this negative energy.

Where is [disconnect] located in the lightbody?
I see an image of your back.  It’s almost as if you’re doing some kind of shoulder exercise as I’m seeing that area moving up and down.  The focus though is on the back of the neck and down about a foot.  I see a mess of tangled energy there and healing is sent to the area. 
There is also a dark energy that has enveloped the sacral chakra.  This energy is removed and the chakra cleansed.

Are there any patterns within the family element that is contributing to the creation of the [disconnect]?
The image is of smoke… as if there is a fire although I don’t see the fire.  Healing energy comes into cover the smoke in frequency 3, harmonizing the family element.

What is the most prominent pattern contributing to the creation of [disconnect]?
The image looks like a small child peering out from behind a parent on the right side of the parent’s body… but it doesn’t look like a small child…it looks more like the eye of a snake.  Feels like there is the energy of snake that’s hiding something in this picture.  Healing is sent and this hiding energy is exposed.  Someone may not have the best intentions and it feels like male energy (the snake).  But it will be exposed and the situation will harmonize.

What is the most prominent emotional pattern contributing to the creation of [disconnect]?
Arrows being shot away from the target.  Interpretation… not keeping your mind focused on what you want, and therefore, the arrows are actually coming back at you, with lots of little painful pokes.  In asking for healing, the “target” actually spins around and floats away.

What’s the most prominent event from this incarnation has contributed to [disconnect]?
This image looks like a person rolled up in a blanket and then thrown into a waterfall where it actually works its way up the waterfall.  Some kind of stifled energy and its going against the flow, making things more difficult.  In asking for healing, this pattern evens out and what feels like magic is performed on this pattern.  As the pattern evens out into a horizontal like, it looks like a belt with a magic belt buckle that opens up like a spider man gadget and shoots cool blue energy outward.  Sounds weird and crazy I know, but just know that healing is taking place!

What past life event relating to this disconnect is carrying forward that needs resolution?  
Although I don’t see actual events all that clearly, I see the shadows of two people kissing and not able to let go of each other. Asking Archangel Jeremiel to help clear the effects of all past life issues related to the disconnect, in all directions of time.

What is the intended lesson in this situation?
I see the A OK symbol.  Everything is always okay. 

What other patterns have contributed to the creation of [disconnect]?
Looks like a thumb holding down a bug.  In asking for healing, I see purple and pink energy envelope the thumb and send the energy all the way up the arm to heart.

I may also ask about ancestral and genetic patterns, past life contracts, curses and look for other energies in your energy field that shouldn't be there.

How would (Client) have to feel in order to manifest [connectedness]?  (I advise asking this question about anything you want to manifest!  The answer should come in the form of feeling it in your body.  The obvious answer is [connectedness], but asking this question allows me to see the pattern and bring it into your energy field.)
That the path leads to a bright and happy future.

What does [connectedness] look like? 
Image is of a happy couple.
How can this manifest in this physical dimension in the highest and best way? (doing matrix energetic work)

Check polarity, move to desire (more energy work).

What information can spirit provide that will help (Client) manifest [connectedness]?
I see an image like putting a medal on someone at the Olympics, which probably means to praise your wife for her hard work.  Show admiration, etc.

How can (Client) expect to see this situation shift?
I see a loving couple embracing.  She is holding him as if in gratitude.  That’s the feeling from the image.

This particular session was done very recently and my client is already reporting back that his wife hasn't been angry about his insecurities as she has been in the past. She's also being much more accommodating in offering ways to create a better connection.

I am currently offering your initial session at an introductory price of $60. If you have not experienced this type of healing work before, now is the time!

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.

In loving light,

Sundi M Bright

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