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Reading / Healing Work

What karmic patterns might be contributing to this [disappointment/insecurities]? 
All I see is the face of a cat… a small tabby cat, possibly a kitten… that comes in and fades out quite quickly.  No other information is available, but we may want to look up what cat means in Spirit Animals 101.  I ask Archangel Jeremiel to clear all karmic patterns in all directions of time.  You may want to ask for forgiveness for anything that may resonate with you regarding this pattern.

What does this [disappointment/insecurities] pattern look like?
Looks like a horse knee deep in muck and not getting very far at all.  In facilitating healing, I see the horse air lifted from the muck and carried to solid ground where it bucks and kicks a bit, shakes itself off a bit and then moves forward.

Where is [disappointment/insecurities] located in (Client)’s field?
Looks like a band of dark energy around the center of your aura.  The feeling is it’s “squeezing”.  This dark energy is removed and the light then shines in, drying and healing the aura where this dark energy stifled your energy.

What is the most prominent pattern contributing to the creation of [disappointment/insecurities]?
I see a sad looking girl lifting off her blouse?  There is such a sad feeling in this pattern.  Somebody has been hurt and that energy remains in the situation.  In healing this pattern, chords are cut and this pattern shrinks off far into the distance.

What is the most prominent emotional pattern contributing to the creation of [disappointment/insecurities]?
Wanting it to go away.  The image looks like a big hand that just wants to flick the whole scene away.  In asking for healing, the hand actually scoops up the scene and brings it closer.  It is easier to see from this vantage point.  The message seems to be instead of resisting, let the scene play out, simply watching it.  I ask what the last act in the scene is and it’s like “you” are presented first with a “ta da”, and then your family falls around you and bows. 

Are contracts created in past lives contributing to this [disappointment/insecurities] now? 
There is an agreement between cast members from before this incarnation.  She agreed to help you learn to stand tall and proud with your family.  What past life event has led to this agreement?  You have been together in at least one past life.  The scene is of a fight and you leave over something minor and don’t come back. 

Is there an ancestral pattern contributing to this [disappointment/insecurities]? 

Is there a genetic pattern contributing to this [disappointment/insecurities]?  If so, how can that be presented in a way that healing can occur?
Yes.  I see a man sitting at a table and drinking.  ??

Has someone else played a role in the creation of this [disappointment/insecurities]? 
Yes.  Asking that the role of that person be harmonized with your energy and the energy of this situation.

What’s the most prominent event from this incarnation has contributed to [disappointment/insecurities]?
I’m seeing a scene I would interpret as “abandonment”.  Sending healing to this pattern. 

What past life event is carrying forward that needs resolution?  
The word I want to put on this scene is “antagonism”.. Looks like a young boy and the man sitting at the table drinking.  As I'm reading over my notes, this doesn't make any sense... unfortunately, I get so deep into state, its like a dream and I forget what I saw. I did ask Archangel Jeremiel to help clear the effects of this past life even in all directions of time so what the image was probably doesn't matter.

What is the intended lesson in this situation?
I think the message is to trust God.  The image is a beautiful image of an angel that looks like I’d imagine Jesus to look… extending this arms to the heavens… wings and “arms” are in sync and there is a beautiful blue sky and clouds in the background with rays of light shining down.  The most moving image I’ve seen in a while... feeling the peace and protection for you in this message.

What other patterns have contributed to the creation of [disappointment/insecurities]?
It’s part of your path.  A lesson that is meant to keep you on your path and take you to where you want to be. 

What is blocking (Client) from manifesting [excited]?
Need to clean the slate.  Remnants left over from the past remain… needs to be cleared.  Asking the angels help clean this slate, to allow you to experience excitement.

How would (Client) have to feel in order to manifest [excited]? 
On a more level playing field.  You’re feeling like you’re doing most of the work to keep the relationship solid and that is discouraging.  Sending healing energy to this pattern to shift it. 

What does [excited] look like? 
Finding the “excited” pattern in the morphic field and bringing it into your energy field.

Check polarity, move to desire.
Energetically moving the scale from disappointed to excited.

What information can spirit provide that will help (Client) manifest [excited]?
Be more willing to be open and vulnerable.

How can (Client) expect to see this situation shift?
It looks like she’s all over you… to the point you’re surprised and curious about it.