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  • Gift Certificates - give the gift of healing by purchasing a gift certificate for your loved ones.
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  • Group Sessions - gather a group of people together, experience greater healing and save money!
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30 Minute Sessions

30 minute sessions are recommended only after you've had at least one standard 45 minute session with me. The beauty of EFT & Matrix Energetics is that we can accomplish A LOT in a short amount of time, but it helps if I already know you and your history. You may spend thousands on medical bills and conventional therapy and not come close to the kind of results you can achieve in 1 30-minute session with me.

These sessions focus on any and all physical, emotional, mental or performance issues with a goal of moving you toward an abundant, happy life. Please contact me for an appointment. Your session may be done over the phone or in person if you are local.

Standard Sessions

Standard sessions may include a combination of reconnective healing, Matrix Energetics, EFT and/or any other modalities I may feel appropriate based what shows up in a session. Please contact me for an appointment.

In-Home Visits

For an in-home visit (in the Southern California area), I block out my entire day for you and your healing and I come to your home to do so. An in-home visit will consist of a session dedicated to your healing, where we explore your issues in-depth, healing as many layers as possible all at once. The session may last 3 to 5 hours and different healing modalities may be used. Family member involvement is encouraged. Your day of healing will be very personalized depending on your situation. Feel free to contact me for more information.

If travel time is more than an hour, other expenses may apply.

Abundance / Healing Parties

Host a gathering and receive a free 30-minute session. Gather 10-20 people together for a 2 hour session and experience the power of group healing & personal growth. When like minds get together with the goal of learning, healing and growing, each person brings something unique to the table that helps everyone in the group. Either pick a topic such as abundance creation, weight loss, or specific physical healing you may want to share, or gather for general healing on all levels. Please contact me for more information.

For smaller groups of less than 10 people, I can do a 1 hour session for $125.

** My travel expenses may apply.

Corporate / Team Meetings

Improve company sales, reduce sick time, improve moral and most importantly, your bottom line! The same formula that is used to do all this can also improve sports performance so if you want to win, call today!



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