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  • Abundance Coaching, focusing on emotional healing and/or clearing other blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.
Trial Coaching Package
Basic Remote Coaching Pkg $445/mo
Accelerated Coaching Pkg $595/mo
Individual Sessions
  • Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection
Reconnective Healing
Personal Reconnection
  • Other Individual Sessions: Any and all other emotional or performance issues. Complete the help form to receive a free analysis and/or recommendation for healing.
EFT Phone Session
30 minutes
EFT/Coaching In-person Session
EFT Webcam Session
(coming soon)

Free workbook when you schedule any session or purchase any package. *

EFT Email Support

Please complete the Help Form and hit submit. I will review your issues, and provide a quote via email. If issue is too complex to handle within an email message, I may recommend a phone, in-person, or webcam session.

EFT Phone Session

Phone sessions may last anywhere from 15-30 minutes and it is helpful if you are already familiar with EFT. You may make an appointment online for phone support or call 949-295-6135 if you need immediate assistance. Please complete the Help Form before your session.

EFT/Coaching In-Person Session

I offer personal sessions out of my home in Aliso Viejo, CA. Please make an appointment online or call 949-295-6135. I take credit cards through PayPal.

EFT Webcam Session

A webcam session can be arranged for an out-of-the-area "personal session". Contact me with your favorite video conferencing tool and I'll set it up.

* For phone, email & webcam sessions, receive the downloadable pdf version of the workbook. For in-person sessions, receive the printed, spiral bound, 30-day version.