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Self Study Pricing

Because you've been through the my Consciousness 101 training or are doing the self study course, and may need more help, I'm offering you significant discounts on my monthly package and other sessions.

Please bookmark this page as you will not find a link to it anywhere else on this website.

Monthly Coaching Subscription Price- $129

If you want to add subscription coaching to your self study program, or you want to continue receiving another 30 days of support (coaching and matrix work) after your law-of-attraction course ends, you can do so at this low rate. You get a full 30 days of coaching support, sending your forms as often as you'd like for this very low price. I am able to do this because I write out all suggested EFT statements and use them for others who may have similar issues. Matrix work is done as a group at the end of each day. By doing it this way, you'll also benefit if you have some of the same issues as others do.

Situation Session Price - $20

Do you have a certain situation that you'd like some help shifting? A relationship issue? A job interview? A financial issue? The possibilities are endless. With the help of matrix energetics, your situation can shifted in the highest and best way. When you purchase this session, you will receive a form that I'll need you to complete so that I get all the facts regarding your situation and then we will spend 10-15 minutes on the phone while I do Matrix Energetics to help shift the pattern.

Regular Sessions - $85

This is a discounted rate for those going through the program. Standard sessions may include a combination of reconnective healing, Matrix Energetics, EFT and/or any other modalities I may feel appropriate based on what shows up in a session.

Standard sessions are best for multiple issues and can include physical, mental, or emotional healing issues or anything that requires deep healing.

With this option, you get a very personalized session where we talk on the phone, and I focus on your energy alone, shifting your specific patterns to bring all subtle bodies into alignment with your desires and higher self.

More than one session may be necessary as shifting too much in one session can be uncomfortable.

Please contact me for an appointment. Work can be done at a distance.

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