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Step 4, 5 & 6

There are 3 extra steps that take very little time, but will accelerate your results!


My Consciousness 101 Course is a 30-day program that will help you create a habit of using these 6 steps in a way that will transform every aspect of your life starting RIGHT NOW.

It will also teach you how to uncover the subsconscious blocks that keep you from abundance. Once you discover these blocks, you simply zap them with the 6 steps!

If you are not seeing your life consistently change for the better, what you need is the knowledge & practice that helps you make a habit out of making your life great.

This program is the easiest and best way I know of to consciously create or re-create every aspect of your life!

Consciousness 101 Self study course



Consciousness 101 Course + Coaching

Your 30-day program begins after you submit your first form, so feel free to purchase, download and take time to review the material before your program begins. But don't wait too long as you get a lot more stuff emailed to you that is not sent in your original package.