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Swine Flu Swindle?

I received this email today and just thought it should be shared with everyone I know so that we all can gain a greater perspective of this big scary thing called the swine flu. It is not necessarily my opinion, although as usual, I will be avoiding any type of vaccination.

Hi, all,
The story goes deeper into crime. Remember in 1976, the swine flu vaccine killed 2,300 people in 2 weeks after the government paid billions for the "free"-to-public vaccine? The vaccine was pulled and is still in the vaults.

Virus are not alive; they have no nucleus, respiratory or digestive systems.  Virus are protein wastes in solvent solutions. They are as contagious as Tide soap. It is impossible for one animal tissue in solvent solution to appear in another animal because those tissue are not part of another animals cellular structures.

Have they been distributing the old swine flu vaccine as other medication in pockets in Mexico because they know it causes swine flu residues in people. The stories about it appearing in other countries are fictitious stories because I have not been able to get any laboratory confirmation. Were those stories planted by US government and the pharmaceutical house that vaults the vaccine? Do the laboratory and government want to resell the vaccine and get rid of it for profit. The government is still paying for it to be vaulted and that is very expensive. Why didn't they dump it?

For the same reason they did not dump AZT when it was discovered by independent observers in 1969 that AZT was too toxic for chemotherapy? But when the government created the AIDS epidemic by contaminating Hepatitis B Vaccines and, in Africa the Smallpox Vaccines, they brought AZT out of the vaults and claimed it was good to treat AIDS. They treated AIDS patients with it and it killed most of them and they made a big profit as well as taking over 27 African countries resources.
Research the work of Dr. Leonard Horowitz and read the book Bio-Attack Alert.

With the swine flu, they are creating an imaginary "pandemic" and viola, people will flock to take the swine flu vaccine. With the Geneva Convention articles, they cannot force vaccine on anyone but they may be able to quarantine people for a few days.

Remember that no vaccine has proved to be effective, including polio. Many such diseases have cycles and polio was down to less than 1% the year before the polio vaccine was issued in 1958. All vaccines are issue after the diseases have diminished and big pharma takes credit for riding the planet of the diseases. If polio were a problem, why isn't it an epidemic amongst third world people who cannot afford and do not take polio vaccines? Why is polio non-existent in Amish and Mennonite communities where they don't take vaccines?

To help you avoid any forced vaccine here or in any other country, I have given you 2 pages below to be kept and taken with you.  The first is the letter that the person requiring you to take a vaccine must sign before you take it. The second page is instructions on how to handle the situation.
Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Ph.D. Nutrition, Bioscience

page 1
I, the undersigned, having assumed decision making power independently, or having been appointed to such, by a government bureaucracy or corporation controlled by such, do require the following individual(s):
to receive the following vaccination(s):
contrary to laws of this state that provide religious and philosophical exemptions.
            I further agree that the stated individual(s) are in excellent to perfect health prior to the administration of such immunization(s).
            Consistent with this demand, is my personal acceptance of full responsibility for any and all damages resulting from such immunizations. As a result, I agree to provide compensation amounting to $1,000,000 to the family(s) of the persons you are requiring to receive the aforementioned vaccinations for each resulting vaccine related injury(s) and/or disease(s) as follows:
Sudden infant death syndrome:
Shaken baby syndrome:
Cerebral bleeding:
Auto-immune disease(s):
Bowel blockage:
Brain damage:
Mental retardation:
Crippling arthritis:
Mercury poisoning:
Loss of IQ:
Chronic fatigue syndrome:

*Note that virtually all of these conditions /diseases are incurable by modern medicine, but easily prevented by abstinence!
Name (print):__________________Position:________________


page 2
When you receive your passport, it might be wise to request a copy of Foreign Rules and Regulations, Part 71, Title 42, on immunizations. The World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva grants American visitors the right to refuse vaccinations when traveling internationally. Remember the basic rule:
No one may vaccinate against an individual’s will unless, by so doing, the enforcer assumes full responsibility for consequences, both legal and medical.
When traveling abroad, you may secure exemptions from vaccines by using Clause 83 of the International Sanitary Code, issued by the WHO and adopted by all its members. It states, in effect, that only when coming from an infected area are vaccinations necessary or the traveler could be quarantined for up to 14 days from the time he left the infected area if the health department deems it necessary. If you come from an area where there has been an epidemic, you will probably be put under surveillance (close watch). This simply means that together with the local health officer you must keep a close watch for any suspicious signs or symptoms. You will probably be required to report periodically to your local health officer for a period of up to 14 days from the time of departure from the infected area. If you notice an outbreak or symptom, you must immediately turn yourself in and submit to quarantine or isolation.
In actual practice, not only is this possibility very remote, but if it should occur, the vaccinated person may be required to submit to the same surveillance as the vaccinated! Remember, every year, thousands of 'unimmunized' tourists travel in and out of the United States with little or no inconvenience or embarrassment.
It is quite obvious that no individual in his right mind will sign this document. The intention is not to get an individual to accept responsibility in this way, but to: Realize that there is a considerable risk. Realize that they themselves could care less that someone else is injured. Realize that they will accept no responsibility for vaccine related injuries. Become acquainted with the risks and to accept responsibility by not forcing compliance to some bogus rule, standard or guideline that is not the law at all. It is intended to put the official on the defensive that is a substantially weakened posture. Furthermore, it is a response to the intimidation that is often encountered. If an individual refuses to sign on, ask the following question:
"Why not? Am I supposed to accept all of the responsibility and my child to accept all of the health risks?"
Then offer to negotiate the potential settlement, and ask:  "How does one establish the monetary value of suffering?" "Is it worth nothing to you?" "What is the law and what does it state?" "Who benefits financially from this program?"
---answer: The school district gets federal money if there is 100% compliance. “How does this present a risk to others?"
He or she should start to get the message.


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