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Universal Laws are Universal


I learned something from my dog today that I just had to share. I must say, I love her more than anything and I pretty much spoil her rotten.  And that's because most of the time she's sweet and loving and fun and cute and she makes me feel good.

But sometimes she's demanding and whiny.  She whines for treats and acts like an ungrateful brat.  When she does this, I have no desire to give her a treat and just want her to go lay down.  If she asks me nicely (by gently putting her paw on my shoe) or does a cute trick, then I happily give her all that she wants. 

However, if I don't give it to her right away and then she gets impatient and whiny, I go back to not wanting to give it to her.  I admit that sometimes it's easier just to give it to her to shut her up and when I do, I give her the ones she doesn't like that much.  A lesson that if you ask in a low vibration (i.e. Negative emotions), you get low vibration right back atcha!  It’s also a lesson to stay in high vibration and forward motion as much as possible.

This is a great example of how the law of attraction works.  To receive good things from the universe, the best place to be is in a happy, positive place.  The best time to ask for what you want is when you are in a happy, positive place.  And when the universe must shift dramatically to bring you what you want, the best thing for you to do in the meantime, is to be happy it’s on its way to you.  If you do cute tricks in the meantime, it couldn't hurt either.  In other words, take action toward your goals and be happy for the journey.

What about you?  Do you gladly give to a child or a pet or a friend when they are complaining about their life and in a bad mood all the time?  Or do you just want to be away from them?  If you were in the shoes of the universe, would you want to give you all that you ask for?  This certainly has taught me that I’ve been stuck in self-pity and negativity about a certain situation.  Thanks Gucci… just for that you get one of the good treats! Another lesson... being happy and grateful for the lessons!

If you believe you can’t be in a happy, positive place because of your situation, then you may need some help.  EFT is a great tool, but learning to be conscious of these things and realize you have the power to change them is your greatest strength.  The Bright Future Workbook can be your guide.

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