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The Drama of Manifestation

Downplay the Negative, the drama of manifestation
Over-dramatize the Positive

Feeling is everything in the manifestation game.

The more you feel, the more likely it is that your “thoughts become things”.

If you consider the things that bother you or worry you without any emotion, your thoughts will be harmless.

So, the trick is that when you have negative emotions, notice them, and then considerably downplay them.  Watch them as if you’re watching a drama on TV or at the movie theater… with no emotion, as if it has nothing to do with you.   Notice where you feel them in your body and just move your awareness through them until they dissipate. 

I’ve had times when something just hits me the wrong way and I burst out crying.  It lasts for about 2 seconds when I become conscious of what I’m doing and simply let it pass (and use The Secret Formula to turn the thing around).

On the flip side, when you think about what you want, really get into the feeling of how good you’d feel if you had it. Pretend that you already have it and what it feels like to be living the life you always dreamed of. 

Do this as often as you can, and pretty soon, it will feel so real that the bad stuff feels completely unreal! 

During that space between creation (thinking and feeling what you want) and physical manifestation, the trick will be to hold back from acting as you would if you had the thing.  In other words, if you’re working on manifesting money and it hasn’t physically manifested yet, and yet you really feel like you have it, you’ll have to refrain from going out and spending what you don’t have!  But hold tight, the physical manifestation won’t be far behind. 

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