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The key to your desire

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  The way to manifest what you it's that simplewant is in the following 3 simple steps…

  1. You get annoyed about something (you realize what you don’t want)
  2. From a point of accepting your situation and not being too attached to a different outcome, you think to yourself “I’d rather have this experience: ____________”
  3. You don’t think much more about it except that when you encounter the undesired situation again, you think to yourself from that place of acceptance and non-attachment “I’d rather things be like ____________” and you let go knowing that eventually things will get better.  You just know.

And then they do.  Or, you are guided as you your part in the co-creation of this thing.

And it happens a lot more quickly than you thought it would.

Do you have any examples of this?
I have many!  That may be because I’ve been using The Secret Formula for many years.

And that thing that you’ve been doing affirmations, visualizations, meditations, and lots of “doing” to get… you don’t.  At least not easily.  I have still found that those things I’m really attached to are much harder to manifest.  It’s not that the affirmations, visualizations, meditations and doing aren’t useful.  Every one of them gets you to a place that’s closer to believing and knowing you will have what you want… which is the KEY to opening the door to your manifestation.

Why isn’t it as easy to manifest the things we really want? 

It’s like this.  Say you have a problem and you’d like a better experience.
Imagine you’re at the start of a path that will take you to your desire.
You think “oh that’s impossible”.  Well that thought is like a brick wall on the path to your desire.  Now you have to start knocking down bricks until this wall comes down.

Then that wall comes down and you’re walking along the path and you encounter another wall.  The bricks on this wall represent those people that said you’ll never be able to do that, or you should do something else, or you’d be no good at that.  And you have to knock that wall down!

And then there’s the fear wall.  That is one of the hardest walls to knock down! 

And then you come across a wall that represents all the conflicting desires to what you wish for.  This one is really hard to knock down, because it’s all over the place.  It’s like having a wall shaped asterisk (*) in the middle of your path.  Conflicting desires have more to do with not believing you’ll have what you want exactly as you want it (although be careful about being rigid… when you simply express the feeling you want to have in the situation, you give the universe a lot more wiggle room to bring it to you). 

All of this when you could’ve just done the 3 (really 2) steps above. 

The problem is, the ego is so busy trying to protect you from feeling “less than” and doing its job to make sure you feel you matter, that it becomes a block to being able to see the blocks! 

It’s no wonder there’s so much frustration in the world!

But you CAN learn to this have this type of confidence!

OR, I can help you by clairvoyantly seeing these walls and what they represent and being able to use the energy of the universe, along with help from ascended masters, high guides and angels to knock down the walls, or transform them into something that holds your hand and takes you to, or gives you a motorcycle ride to your desire!   

Let’s make this simple!

Let’s breeze down the path without such blocks!  Imagine how not having that block on a path to another desire would make this useful in many areas of your life!!

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.


In loving light,

Sundi Bright
Transformation Specialist

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