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The Movie of Your Life

Your life has the potential to be a wonderful creation.  The only thing worry is pressing the pauseholding it back from that are your doubts, your fears and other negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

Every time you worry, you’re pressing the pause button on the beautiful movie of your life.  You may even be allowing in an annoying intermission that does not benefit you. 

You have created the movie of your life up to this point and if you don’t like the way it has gone, it’s time to re-write the script.  You can do that ANY time. 

How do you want your life to go from this point further?

A very important step in living that life is knowing how you want it to be.  It’s important, but it doesn’t mean you can’t change it as you go along.  When you start to see how you can create a better life, you naturally want it to be EVEN better. 

Most of us are too afraid of failure or full of feelings of not being good enough to dare dream of a better life. 

You ARE good enough.  Just having the thought of what you want to do or to be is an indicator of your desire and that desire will take you there! 

Start with a big picture, and then day-by-day, imagine having it.

Any time you press the pause button by worrying, catch yourself, press the play button and imagine the beautiful movie of your life that YOU created. 

When you feel the feeling of having it, you will be guided to the right action to take to get you there.

Remember, it is YOU creating the movie of your life with your thoughts.  Think great thoughts and create a great life! 

My Consciousness 101 Program contains wonderful tools for teaching you how to create a beautiful script that makes for a wonderful life movie!

All articles of this nature have been combined into one free eBook that is updated as new articles are written. 

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