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By now you may have seen the movie or read the book “The Secret”.  Are you applying it?  Is it working for you?  Are you getting everything you want in life?  If not, you may find this site very helpful in making it work for you.  I believe “The Secret” has left out a couple of crucial steps.  I believe that it is 100% correct in it’s claims that you can get what you want by focusing your mind on the thing you desire, and if you know and believe that you will have it… you will.  The law of attraction states that you attract the level you're vibrating at, BUT… how easy is that for people to more often than not, be vibrating at a higher level?  How easy is that for you to do?  It feels safer to doubt, doesn't it?  If we don’t let ourselves completely believe it, then we won’t be too let down when it doesn’t happen.  Right?  Well, that thinking is going to make it harder for you be able to achieve and/or obtain the objects of your desire. 

In addition, when your mind and body are clear of negative emotions… and yes, negative emotions do tend to store in the body… and when your vibrations are high… in other words, you’re in a good mood… you can much more easily attract exactly what you want in life. Raise your vibrations is Step 2 to achieving "The Secret".

I’ve been told that you have to “fake it till you make it”.  Well, to be honest, I have a hard time “faking” anything.  In other words, I have a hard time controlling my emotions.  Possibly not a good trait, but I’ve found something better than faking it, and that is actually clearing those negative emotions to begin with…  just completely neutralizing them.  You’ll be learning more about EFT on this site and it’s what I use most… in fact practically every single day… to neutralize negative emotions.  Neutralizing your negative emotions is the 1st step to achieving The Secret. And it works so well, that when I look back and the negative emotions I used to have, I’m surprised I used to have them.  Therefore, I’m going to be providing you with tools to help you record your progress.  I call it The Secret Formula.  It’s basically 3 steps to achieving what you want.  You’ll want to record this stuff because when you look back to see what you’ve accomplished, you’ll be amazed!  It all happens so naturally, that if you don’t write this stuff down, you won’t even be able to believe you had your current problem(s).  I’m creating all kinds of cool ways for you to record this stuff.  Worksheets, databases, etc.  I keep track of my stuff on my blackberry, and I’ll be providing that template as well. 

By using this formula every single day, you will start to recognize when you’re down and immediately realize that that is not an abundance attracting state of mind.  And what’s really cool is… you’ll have the tools to fix it ON THE SPOT! 

I’m SO excited to bring you this information.  I KNOW that if you use this formula, you WILL have everything you want in life. 

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