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Special Offer to Continue Your Monthly Subscription

Part of the goal in creating the monthly program is to help you learn to be in alignment with all that you wish for, as well as put you in the right vibration to attract it.  I add extra value to the process by providing the feedback to teach you how to do that, in addition to adding the magic of Matrix Energetics.  In Matrix Energetics, part of what we are taught to do is either see, feel or sense the patterns that block you from all that you wish for and shift them.  Everything is energy and we are also taught to find, track and access other possibilities.  From my neutral view point, that is much more easily accomplished than it would be from your, more attached, point of view. 

I realize that at the start of the program, many people are not able to afford my standard rate.  Yet, by participating in this program for a month, things should be shifting for you substantially, allowing you to see that even the standard rate is well worth the investment.  Considering the time I spend to help shift your patterns, I cannot justify the low, introductory rate on a continued basis.

Although, my regular rate is $300 for a month long subscription, I am making an offer to you to continue for another month at the reduced rate of $199.  If you feel you are vibrating at the level you need to be to attract all that you want, you may not need me!  However, if you are still struggling with negative emotions, are attached to a certain outcome, or just love the fact that each and every request or question you ask the universe has the power of Matrix Energetics behind it, then I would love to continue working with you. 

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