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What If You Had Access to Magic on a Daily Basis?


The Unlimited Monthly Package

How would you create your life if you could make a wish each and every day?

The package designed to support you on a daily basis, bringing magic into your everyday life!

This package is designed to bring the magic of Matrix Energetics into the daily journaling you do when you complete the 6 steps in daily section of The Bright Future Workbook.  I have seen that if you only do these steps and nothing else in the workbook, you can change your life.  However, if you write the steps out without actually doing them, you may not see big shifts.  On the other hand, by completing the Daily Page and submitting the form, I will review your form, and access the state of possibilities to help facilitate your transformation.  I will either spend 10-15 minutes on each form, or combine like requests with others for a group session (which would be even more beneficial as you may have similar desires as someone else does).  If you are familiar with Matrix Energetics, you know that change can happen in an instant and longer sessions are more for the experience of seeing, feeling and experiencing the shifts and for slowing things down enough to talk about what that experience may be.  When miracle healings do not occur in regular sessions, there may be learning to do or layers to clear and this package is perfect for that. 

With this package you will notice positive shifts and transformations in your world, giving you the awareness that you do create your life and that you can create the life you WANT.  You won’t have to take the time to drive to see a practitioner and yet you will learn from experience how to create your life.  Yes, with this package, I’ll be adding what seems like magic to your situation, but as soon as you start to recognize that these shifts are based on 6 steps, you’ll be in the right vibration to do it yourself.  This coaching package gives you the feedback and the quick results that will motivate you to keep going.  It’s similar to working out.  If you’re working out and you’re not seeing results at the gym, why would you continue?  If you have a personal trainer, however, they can show you how to lift weights properly and motivate and encourage you along the way. 

The daily section of the workbook steps you through reaching bigger goals and dreams.  Sometimes what it takes is success in daily activities to realize you can have everything you desire and bring you into harmony and resonance with those desires.  If you are not seeing results in your daily journaling, it is either because you are too attached to your issues, or because you’re just not doing it.  What you need is support.  This package is a support package for those that own The Bright Future Workbook – what you have in this package is someone extensively trained in Matrix Energetics who will review each and every page you submit during your package period and add the magic of Matrix Energetics.  The benefits of this program include the following:

  1. Finding and clearing the negative patterns & the patterns that are blocking you from success
  2. Accessing the state of possibilities for your particular situation
  3. Help facilitate transformation by bringing in those possibilities
  4. Work done at a distance so you that all you do is complete the form and submit it
  5. Coaching feedback to help you learn to create your life
  6. Up to 20 different distance mini sessions if you choose to submit the form every weekday.  Sorry, I don’t work on the weekends.  You can send your forms when it’s convenient and I will work on them during the week. 
  7. All sessions are completely confidential
  8. It’s like making a wish every day!  How fun is THAT! 

Although the possibilities are endless, some of the things will start changing for you on a daily basis, if you choose to work on them, include the following:

Successful meeting More Energy Relationship patterns
Eating patterns Health symptoms Financial patterns
Motivation Appearance issues Social patterns
Negative emotions Financial patterns And More!

Once you sign up for this package, you will be emailed a packet which includes the Daily page in a form that you can type into and submit to me.  You may also print the form so you have it for your records, which you will want to do so you can see the progress you’re making. 

Since doing the work takes time and time is limited with my other clients and activities, this introductory offer is limited to the first 20 people that respond.  You must own the pdf version of the Bright Future Workbook to be able to participate.  

Note: You must have Adobe Reader X to participate in this program.  Get it free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Now for the absolutely amazing deal I’m going to give you for this package.

Note that each mini-session I do, based on your form, is equivalent to one 30-minute regular session which is $75.  You are getting at least 20 (TWENTY) sessions in a month. 

That’s a $1500 value!

What I really need to charge in order to make it worth my while is at least $35/session, bringing the total for the package to $700.

For a limited time, mini-scans are being offered at $20 a session, which would still cost you $400 a month.

However, I am offering this package to you for the ridiculously low introductory price of $149 for a month long subscription.

So, before I change my mind, act NOW.

$1.00 USD




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