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Use Your Imagination

One of the most important skills you can learn to be good at manifesting use your imaginationis the ability to use your imagination.

And if you can remember an event, or a person or anything else, you are using the same parts of your brain you use to create something in your imagination.

And when you can imagine it, you’ve taken the first steps to physically creating it.

EVERYTHING in this universe has started off in someone’s imagination.

By learning to use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.  LIMITLESS… my personal favorite word to use in describing your possibilities for an amazing life.

Here’s a story of how I recently used my own imagination with surprisingly amazing results:

You might have seen in my writings a remedy I discovered for rosacea using The Secret Formula.

The remedy is drinking juiced cabbage.

And although, on occasion, I do detect the indicators of a break out, I know that all I have to do is go out, get the cabbage and start juicing.

Well, recently, I experienced those indicators.  The problem is, I was very busy and didn’t want to go out and get the cabbage and do the juicing!  I also didn’t want to experience the rosacea in its full blown state.

That’s when I remembered the power of the imagination and went into my daily meditation.

While in mediation, I put my imagination to work.

I imagined having the cabbage, cutting it up and putting it through the juicer.

I imagined how I have to push the cabbage down in the chute to get it to grind it up.

I imagined the juice trickling out of the spout.

I imagined hearing the sound of the juicer as it ground up the cabbage.

I imagined seeing the froth that always forms at the top of the juice.

I imagined the way it smells up my house.

I imagined pouring it in the glass and drinking it.

I imagined the worst part of it… that awful taste… how it almost makes me gag and how it has a sort of spicy bite to it. 

I imagine drinking the whole glass of about 8 oz and how I have to do it in increments to be able to tolerate it.

I did the same thing before I went to bed that night.

When I woke up in the morning, all indicators of the rosacea were gone! 

As an exercise in learning to use your imagination, try this exercise.

  • Think of something you do that you do that you know elicits certain results, as cabbage juice does for my rosacea as mentioned above.
  • Sit in a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths, relax your body, and clear your mind.
  • Imagine going through all the steps that you normally do to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Experience ALL the sensations you would normally experience while actually doing the steps.
    See the scene as if its a movie.
    Smell the smells.
    Feel the feelings.
    Hear the sounds.
    Taste the tastes.
  • When you have fully experienced this exercise, come back out of your mediation and notice what’s different!

If you were really able to get into this exercise, you may be surprised to exerience amazing results!

Think of the possibilities for manifesting anything you want in life!

This exercise is part of my Consciousness 102 course, which is COMING SOON!

Love & Light,

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